How Long Does It Take To Build A House (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 12 to 20 Months

Human beings have four basic needs to survive. The needs are food, water, air, and a house to live in. Rich or poor, everyone on the earth needs these four things to lead a decent life. 

It is not just about human beings, animals too have these needs to survive. These four factors of survival act as four pillars. Having a house is bliss. 

Many people do not have this blessing. People even work hard and sweat all day to save their land and home.

How Long Does It Take To Build A House

How Long Does It Take To Build A House?

TypesBuilding time
House of 3000 Square feets12 to 17 months at an average
House of more than 3000 Square feet with multiple floors18 to 20 months at an average

Building a house is a cumbersome task. The teenagers do not give much thought to this. The one who plans for the future always gives top priority to build a house. 

There are many practical advantages of having a house. It is for something special that people save so heavily to build a house. Money earned for years is spent like water while building a house.

Building a house is tiresome work and needs many supportive hands. Lakhs of the money goes from a person’s pocket to build a decent house for the family. 

People take loans from banks to build a house. Salary from the jobs can never be enough to build a fine piece. The loan system comes into play in this kind of situation. 

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Middle-class people use the loan system to accomplish their dream of a house. Weather conditions matter a lot while building a house. 

Under a black sky, the construction work has to be procrastinated. Wet conditions do not suit construction that much. The owner ought to stand for long hours to keep an eye on the site workers. 

Build A House

The quality of the raw materials decides how long the construction will take and how long the outcome will last. Better the quality, longer the lifespan of the house. 

Bringing all the raw materials and classifying them is another headache. Distributing the workloads is a complex thing. The in-charge staff takes up this kind of responsibility. 

The head ensures the safety of all the workers and drives them accordingly. Whereabouts of the work are reported to the manager every day to ensure advancement. 

Why Does It Take That Long To Build A House? 

To build a house, there are many things to do before that. Buying land comes first. Depending on the area, the dimensions of the house will be decided. 

A house needs a one-time major investment during the construction period. Money is distributed in buying raw materials, manpower, and other related things. 

Designers, engineers, laborers, and site managers play a big part in building a house. When the manpower and materials sync with each other, a perfect house comes into view. 

The blend of different materials to build a house needs time to get solid. One can not be hasty in that. The natural process is beneficial. 

Build A House

All these factors are the reasons why a house takes this long. Weather factors and climatic changes are also responsible. Even after building a house, a lot of interiors are to be done. 

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The land on which the house is being built should be legally bought by the owner. Being patient is the only way to tackle all the above factors. A single mistake will lead to an unsatisfied feeling about it. 


This is indeed a long process but when the final picture comes into play, everything is worth it. There is a lot of paperwork too. Legalizing the construction is very necessary to avoid further complications. 

This was all about how a house is built and how long the entire process takes. It is evident that the project is not an easy one and demands constant time and money.

12 to 20 months is a decent time and provides enough time to plan and build a decent house. Lavish the plan, the longer the construction time will be.

Building a multi-story house can take more than 20 months. With a good team, the period can be reduced keeping the same spark in the outcome.



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  1. The process of building a home is a major undertaking, but it’s a solid investment in the future.

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