How Long Is A Millennium (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1,000 Years

There is a word to check ten years and a century; the millennium is made intentionally to stamp the beginning and the finish of 1000 years. Many are the occasions that the word millennium is utilized explicitly for times of around 1,000 years. 

That is, at the beginning stage or the underlying perspective, which is a schedule just as at the later years after the beginning point. Once more, the word millennium can likewise suggest a timespan starting at a particular date on the schedule and finishing a specific date, yet just if that time stops at 1,000 years.

How Long Is A Millennium

How Long Is A Millennium?

Term Years
Millennium1000 Years
Century100 Years

In the western world, one thousand years is comparable to 1000 years, and one year (in the Gregorian schedule) has either 365 or 366 days. Each fourth year is a jump year (for example, 366 days) except if the four-digit year is distinguishable by 100 yet not by 400. 

This implies that clockwork is either an ordinary century (containing 76 regular and 24 jump years) or a “jump century” (having 75 standard and 25 jump years). There are three ordinary hundreds of years and one jump century at regular intervals.

The first millennium began in 0001 AD and finished in 1000 AD. The subsequent one started in 1001. The third (and current) one started in 2001 and will end in 3000.

We’re living today toward the start of the third thousand years since the introduction of Christ. Some strict orders, depending on a prescience in the scriptural Book of Revelation, talk about a coming thousand years when Jesus will get back to rule on earth for quite some time, detestable will be expelled, and all will live in harmony and satisfaction. 

It is utilized explicitly for thousand years that start at the beginning stage of the schedule in thought, or in later years that are entire number products of 1,000 years after it. The term can likewise allude to a period starting on any date. Regularly in the last case, it might have severe or philosophical ramifications.

Why Is Millennium So Long?

The word thousand years gets from the Latin word Mille and Annum. Mille implies Thousand, and Annum implies Year. In this manner, the first thousand years are spreading over the years 1–1000 and the second 1001–2000. 

Albeit various well-known festivals denoted the beginning of the year 2000, the 21st century, and the third thousand years, AD started on January 1, 2001.

A sixth-century researcher, Dionysius Exiguous (Dennis the Short), set up the Gregorian schedule in A.D. 532 by fixing A.D. (Anno Domini)1 as the hour of Jesus Christ’s introduction to the world.

 In Dionysius’ time, the idea of counting from 0 had not yet with Europe from the Middle East. Jesus Christ was more probable brought into the world in B.C. 6, yet Dionysius’ framework has held firm consistently. 

Year numbers, then again, are only a method for counting our planet’s unrests. While this is without a doubt a helpful component to depict and structure long time intervals, the Earth’s 1999th transformation around the sun since Christ was born time is actually the same as its 2000th upset.

The year 2000 is exceptional – even though it isn’t the beginning of the 21st century because it is a jump year. Julius Caesar formulated the jump year to address how the earth circles the sun in 352.24219 days.

Since this is not a whole number, the months of the year would gradually drop out of sync with the seasons.


Millennium is a kind of ancient word that carries a lot of debates. There is a different perspective from different people, but there are also some facts that people believe. Jesus Christ was a symbol of its start.

Since Christ was born to process for counting years started with the year 1 (There was no year zero)and this manner, the primary millennium was from the year 1 to the furthest limit of the year 1000, the second millennium from 1001 to the furthest limit of 2000, and the third millennium starting with 2001 and finishing toward the finish of 3000.



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