How Long Did Nina And Ian Date (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 years

Nina and Ian dated each other for around 3 years. After their breakup, they have never brought it up to their professional work. They handled their break-up chaos professionally during all the work they did on television after their breakup.

The two couples worked in a show till 2015 where the actress left the show for some reason. After a breakup, the two actors played romantic roles, but their breakup never affected their work lives. For this, they receive appreciation from their co-actors.

The couple continued to be friends even after their breakup. Ian got married in 2015, but this never affected his friendship with Nina. The actress is with another man and is extremely happy in her relationship.

How Long Did Nina And Ian Date

How Long Did Nina And Ian Date?

Nina And Ian How Long Did Nina And Ian Date
Minimum time2 years
Maximum time3 years

In 2010, Nina and Ian enter into a relationship. Everything was good between the couple till 2013. The couple worked together in Vampire Diaries, where the couple developed the romance. The age gap between both Nina and Ian is around 10 years.

Many people consider their age gap to be a reason for their breakup. After the breakup, both Nina and Ian found love outside each other. Ian got married to Nikki Reed. Ian has two children with Nikki Reed, and he is living a happy life. Shaun White entered the life of Nina.

Nina and Shaun may get engaged or married anytime in the future according to the rumors. Many sources said that Nina wanted to explore new things. The sources said that the relationship was a result of a friendship that did not turn well into romance.

Ian was 34 when he started dating Nina, who was 24 at that time. The shocking 10 years age gap affects their relationship, as both wanted different things in their lives. Ian announced the date of engagement with Nikki in just 6 months after knowing her.

According to sources, Ian wanted to marry at the age when Nina wanted to explore life more. Nina has maintained a good friendship with Ian and Nikki. This makes it clear that both the couple were good in friendship, but the relationship is not meant for them together.

Why Did Nina And Ian Date For This Long?

The couple believes in the power of friendship and this is quite clear. Once Nina said that “why can’t everyone become friends?” This makes it clear she is extremely happy with her friendship with her ex-boyfriend. Nina and Ian’s onscreen chemistry has won hearts.

The couple also received many awards for their onscreen romance. Demon and Elena are still the most loved couples by the viewers. The best part about their breakup was that it was never awkward for them to work together.

The actress never wished to date any of his co-stars. As she wanted to maintain the professional barrier in her shows. Both the couple got separated with dignity due to a series of reasons. They never spoke about it very clearly. They always respected each other even after their breakup.

Nina shared in one magazine that no one can control the connection you have with another person. The only thing that someone can do is fight out for it as long as you can. Both the actors are quite headstrong and mature people.

Therefore, they found it good to walk out with dignity rather than making it go bad.


Nina and Ian dated each other for around 3 years. The onscreen romance of the couple has received love and appreciation from the audience all the time. There are a lot of reasons that made both the couple break up.

Now both Nina and Ian are living happy love lives with different people. The friendship between both the actors is still very strong. Both Nina and Ian are loved by the fans for valuing each other’s perspectives and thoughts.



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