How Long is a Short Essay – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 300-500 words

Throughout life, you have many tasks that involve writing. You may be asked to write in college or write at work, you may even like to write just on your own. It is always important to know the basics of writing short or long pieces. Specifically short essays. When you think of a short essay you think of a blog post or a quick how-to.

It should be short but packed with information, you can choose to use headings as well as subheadings to break up important information and to not confuse your reader. Just because the essay is short doesn’t mean it should lack complex words and striking information. Short essays should still catch and hold the reader’s attention.

How Long is a Short Essay

How Long Should My Essay Be?

A short essay is not meant to fill pages of a text, its meant to give the information in a shorter period of time. A short essay should be anywhere between 300- 500 words. This may take the writer 45 minutes to an hour to complete. A short essay shouldn’t need any drafting or finalization, the writer should write quickly and efficiently.

Of course, checking spelling and punctuation. The essay should also include meaningful information, with such short text the writer shouldn’t include any filler text. The essay is similar to a long essay in the sense that it has three paragraphs, but the information given is more specific and to the point.

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Citations can still be used in a short essay, in-text and with works cited page. It should still have a thrilling vocabulary and excellent punctuation/ grammar. You can use bullets and shortlists to make an important point within your essay. Even bolding certain headings to break up content is a great option. You should offer as much information as possible with the given timeline.

Why is a Short Essay That Long?

Often writers use short essays to reach similar audiences but don’t have the time to write a full-on essay. They want to reach the public or audience but want to be sure they read the content. Therefore they keep the writing shorter but still have time to fit in the needed information. Readers sometimes prefer pieces that are shorter in length but is still impactful.

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Make shocking statements and blow away your audience, but do it in short. Short essays should still be a pleasure to read, just in a smaller amount of time. Often when people see a short essay they don’t expect to get as valuable information as they would in a longer narrative. Overall short essays are a great way to reach out or get information on the table without having to write pages of content. They give the writer the opportunity to express themselves and still give valuable information without having to spend copious amounts of time doing so.

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  1. I disagree with the notion of using citations in a short essay, as it may lead to unnecessary distractions from the main content. The focus should be on delivering concise information.

    1. I see your point, but properly integrated citations can enhance the credibility of the information presented.

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    1. Agreed, the tips for using bullets and bolding headings are particularly helpful in breaking up content.

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