How Long Is An Essay (And Why)?

How Long Is An Essay (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 400-700 Words

Essay writing is very important in every student’s academics and it is conducted in schools to develop writing skills, grammar, vocabulary which are related to academics, but there are even other things that give rise to thinking ability, researching the given topic, in this way it enhances student’s knowledge. Having innumerable advantages of writing an essay there are even different forms of essay that differ by word count and on what purpose one is writing.

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How Long Is An Essay?

The length of an Essay depends on to what purpose it is being written because essays are meant to be short and precise as research and thesis are long. Usually, when the essays are written there will be guidelines like the word count or paragraph that one has to keep in their mind while writing. When it comes to word count it is always in a range but not to a particular number.

As said the word count of an essay varies on the purpose when one is writing. Like high school essays, college admission essays, undergraduate college essays, Graduate school admission essays, and graduate school essays are there in which the word count varies. Essays that are for admission purposes needs to be short as it includes a student’s details, interests and the reason for why do they want to join in institutes or colleges.

Type of EssayWord count range
High school Essay300-1000 words
College admission essay200-650 words
Undergraduate college essay1500-5000 words
Graduate school admission essay500-1000 words
Graduate school essay2500-6000 words

Why Is An Essay So Long?

An essay being long is justified because the matter needs to be effective by all the terms. And this can only happen when the main idea or theme of the essay is correctly explained with all the examples. There are three parts of the essay that are introductory, main body, and conclusion.

The important elements like unity, order, coherence, and completeness need to get justified while writing an essay. The introduction part is very important because if one fails to write it in such a way that it can’t make the reader interested to read so their essay wouldn’t be considered and this happens when the main theme is more than one which is called unity. While writing an essay maintaining order is very important, the order in the sense here is the ideas or thoughts that are expressed correctly to make the reader get to understand the situation.

Coherence is the important thing that maintains the supporting ideas in an order to express the main theme of the essay. Irrelevant examples or ideas that are not that important can be written anywhere so that they wouldn’t mess up with the supporting ideas. When all the first three elements stand then the last element that is completeness can be fulfilled.


The myth is that how long the essay that effective but as said it’s not true because an essay to be effective depends on the quality but not the quantity. Here quality means that the four elements are expressed or not because when there is no order in expressing the main idea and other supporting ideas then the essay is mere useless though it is in the range of given word count. This could happen when one is not having a clear idea about the topic then it leads to unnecessary writing in the essay.

A clear understanding of an essay topic is very important. After getting clarity on what to write in an essay one needs to plan all the examples and ideas he/she is having so that the order element cannot be missed. Researching on the topic and adding quotes makes the readers consider the essay readable and effective.

The conclusion should never be incomplete as it should never leave the reader suspicious or worried regarding the essay. Following guidelines and necessary tips can make essays efficacious.



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