How Long Is A Way Out (And Why)?

Exact time: Up to 6 hours 

The game could take around 6 hours to get completed. You can complete this game by teaming up with someone either by your choice or online. You can choose your character before starting the game. You will get to choose from two characters. Vincent (arrived newly) and Leo ( prisoner) are the two characters available for being chosen by the player.

In this game, the two characters (men) are supposed to trust and cooperate with each other to crack the game and make it outside. The exact time coverage of the way out is not fixed, as the time required for overcoming the challenges would be different for each Player.

The game would take around 6 hours on average, but some players may take up to 8 hours for completing the game.

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How Long Is A Way Out?

Player’s Speed Time Coverage
High speedUp to 6 hours
Average speedUp to 8 hours

The game would be completely fun with some twists in it. The game comes as a combination of action and adventure. People that love adventurous games would find the game way out extremely interesting. You have to make a team to play and beat this game in the required amount of time. The game way out takes around 6 hours if you play through the main story.

This time is not the same for every player, as there are many things to be considered. The player’s capacity and expertise play a very important role in predicting the time coverage for the game way out. For completionists, the time coverage would be around 7 hours, as they will explore a lot many things in the game.

Some players may take more than 8 hours to cover all the phases in the game. The time invested in the game would not go in vain, as the player will have knowledge about many good things after completing the game. Team spirit is very important in this game, as the game requires equal efforts by the teammate to make it unbeatable.

It gives a chance to many people to develop trust and friendship bonding between each other. The game is a great mixture of cinematics and cooperative gameplay. The game is long, as there are many steps to be covered wisely to crack the game. The game will offer many difficult challenges, but the team spirit can win over the challenges.

Why Is Way Out This Long?

The game way out is quite long and sometimes goes beyond 10 hours. This is because of the challenges coming in the way of the players. The game is an adventurous game, and it would have many things, to make the players enjoy it. It’s a team spirit game, therefore it has to be lengthy, as it has to offer something good to both the players.

The big factor that affects the time coverage of the game way out is the player’s capability. The player’s experience matters a lot to determine how long the game way out would be. There are players with very less knowledge about the game and would take some time to understand the game. There will be players who have knowledge about the game.

The players with good expertise skills and knowledge about the game would complete the game in a shorter time. You can access and play this game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Android. Play it on any platform that makes you feel comfortable, but PlayStation 4 has its own charm.

The game would take a similar time for all the platforms, but there may be very little difference.


The game requires some time but would be worth each second invested in the game. The players would enjoy the game to the fullest and would explore many new things. There are many players that skip some parts to save time. If you want to understand this game properly, then you have to complete all the phases and steps correctly.


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