How Long Is Fire Emblem Three Houses (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 200 Hours To Complete the Full Game

The Fire Emblem Three Houses RPG is a Nintendo Switch exclusive developed by Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo. It was released in 2007 for the rest of the world. The gameplay features some new systems that change things up a little from previous titles, such as changing classes or fighting alongside one’s troops on the battlefield rather than just commanding them from afar. 

There are also new mechanics like being able to visit villages and interact with villagers. Fire Emblem has been around for a long, so it’s great to see this series continue.

How Long Is Fire Emblem Three Houses

How Long Is Fire Emblem Three Houses?

MethodTime Taken
Main story49 Hours 26 Minutes
Main +Extras77 Hours 53 Minutes
Completionists201 Hour 44 Minute
All Playstyles79 Hours 23 Minute

The length of the tactical role-playing game depends on how one plays. If one tries to do everything, it’s about 200 hours. But if one goes through without doing most of the side quests, it’s around 40 hours. These numbers may not include the DLC. Plus, different endings will take more or less time depending on the player’s choice at certain points in the story.

The length of a playthrough varies depending on the quality and decisions of the player, but even on Normal difficulty, it should take anywhere from 50 to 60 hours. The time may vary based on how difficult the Fire Emblem is, but most players will see 60-80 hours worth of gameplay total. This includes side missions and additional content like added bosses outside Fates Castle Depths.

Described as “a new style, action-filled Fire Emblem game steeped in traditional RPG elements,” the game’s open-world will feature many things that play into its battle sequences like base running maps. It also features playable characters that vary depending on one’s choices and different routes to take during the game’s adventure mode. 

Fire Emblem games are rich in story and character development where players can put themselves into the shoes of the main player, for example, who has to lead his kingdom against overwhelming odds during the gripping storyline intertwining numerous key events together. All this with one’s personality traits affecting battles and gameplay decisions.

Why Would Fire Emblem Three Houses Be So Long?

It takes time because one can also form bonds with partners, which will affect things positively or negatively depending on how they play the game. There are many characters, and there are various storylines across chapters, so it will take some time to get everything done. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses is the newest installment in the popular strategy role-playing game series. As with all past games, players can choose their avatar’s gender, name, and appearance. With a new in-depth storyline and various tactical choices for victory in battles, this title will excite fans of both gameplay and story. 

It is based on a house system whereby one selects an avatar of themself called a “Champion”, and they run through this new world as they train members of their new house trained by royal families who fled before the sorcerer king’s invasion. It’s always about gameplay hours, not gameplay minutes.

 it is necessary to create longer story segments than what might be found in previous Fire Emblem games to provide the player with sufficient time to carry out their strategies and enjoy the game world,

The game’s length is largely based on how many stories one wants and how many game overs they accept. An in-game clock gradually moves the plot forward by one day at a time; however, if any party member dies during combat, they are permanently dead, and the entire game resets to Day 1.


The game boasts up to 49 hours for story mode, 77 hours for the main story with per-character endings. The game is set on the continent of Fodlan, which is derived between superpowers. The game is mostly about building relationships with others and raising attributes through the actions in battle. 

In the game, everything is brutal because anyone who dies is one’s own student. Moreover, it is a relationship simulator involving flirting, romance and the like. In the gameplay, even the relationship is treated as equally important. The introduction is with three characters and takes a sharp left towards the officer’s academy. Overall, the game is worth it.



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