How Long Is Night In The Woods (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 8½ Hours

Night in the Woods was only recently launched on Steam, which came as a surprise given the game’s numerous delays and lack of a firm release date. But, now that we have access to the long-awaited adventure game, how long will it take us to complete it?

The completion time for Night in the Woods will not differ as much as it does for other games. Mae Borowski, a college dropout, gets back to the little village of Possum Springs in this mostly narrative game. 

While gamers immerse themselves in the game’s animated plot and setting, she and her friends will encounter personal and physical perils.

The game’s gameplay is mostly centered on simple gameplay and emotional interaction between the game’s dozens of characters, as well as investigating whatever odd happenings are occurring in the woods.

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How Long Is Night In The Woods? 

Type Of PlayerDuration
Rough PlayerAround 9 Hours
CompletionistAround 23 Hours

Night in the Woods is a solitary adventure game released in 2017. Infinite Fall, a studio invented by games developer Alec Holowka and graphic artist Scott Benson, created the game, which was released by Finji.

Mae Borowski, a college dropout, returns home to Possum Springs, a dilapidated former mining town, in the hopes of resuming her aimless former life and reconnecting with the friends she left behind. 

However, things have changed. Her pals have grown and changed, and her home has altered. The wind is getting colder and the leaves are dropping. As the light fades, strange things begin to happen. There’s also something lurking in the woods. 

Night in the Woods is roughly 8 and half hours long when you focus on the key objectives. If you’re a gamer who wants to see all there is to see in a game, you’ll probably spend roughly 23 and half hours to complete it.

You’d think that a game as story-driven as Night in the Woods would strive to make its protagonist likable. To be sure, he has flaws, but he is likable. Mae’s issue is that she has far too many defects. 

Do you know how inexperienced authors come up with unique characters that are fantastic at all they do and are adored by all? Mae, on the other hand, is the polar opposite of that. She is the adversary of her own story in various ways.

While that creates any sense for a game about a miserable college dropout, and it was most likely done on purpose, it doesn’t come across well. Mae is prone to making rash decisions and refuses to learn or evolve. 

She isn’t entertaining to watch because she doesn’t take accountability for her behavior and acts only on selfish emotions. Night in the Woods is an adventure game that emphasizes exploration, storytelling, and character development.

It has dozens of characters to engage with, which makes it a little more difficult to complete. The game was sponsored through a Kickstarter campaign that raised more than USD 50,000.

Why Is Night In The Woods That Long? 

Night In the Woods, a 2017 indie adventure game, is not a horror game by any realistic definition. There are no surprise scares, desperate meta experiments, resource shortages (really, no item maintenance), or tense gameplay sections in this game. 

Night In The Woods tells the story of Mae Borowski, a 20-year-old cat who has decided to return to her town of Possum Springs after leaving college, and you devote the majority of the game exploring her interactions with the locals—her neighbors, parents, and friends she left behind.

It’s a rather quiet game that thrives on meaningful language and character interactions, except for a few rhythm games that influenced musical passages.

However, hiding behind the surface is a game about existential dread, psychiatric disorder, despair, cosmic terror, and powerlessness. Night In the Woods is a complicated game with many strings woven during its remarkably simple storyline. 

That is aside from the amazingly deep religious background story developed by the makers for the residents of Possum Springs, the player is honored for multiple playthroughs, which successively expose more about the town’s lost souls, Mae’s connections with them, and their relationships with one another.

The game has a laid-back, relaxed style to it, however, there are tiny games that occasionally contain high-stress activities such as loud sounds, rapid button pushing/holding, flashes, camera movement, and vibration.

In the settings menu, only vibration may be turned off. However, success at these events isn’t required to advance the plot. In addition to positioning, each main character’s discourse in the text is differentiated by color.

As a result of the game’s complexity and additional mini-activities, it takes a little longer to play if you’re paying attention. Players who play just for the sake of accomplishing the main objective, on the other hand, can significantly reduce the completion time.


The game combines aspects of a side-scrolling platformer with features of a point-and-click adventure story (exploration with some light puzzle-solving). Mae navigates the town by sprinting through the streets, stepping on power lines, and hopping from rooftop to rooftop.

As you wander, you can talk to Mae’s neighbors, friends, and family, discovering more about them and their story. Night in the Woods can take around 5 to 8 hours to finish, with the majority of players spending about 6-7 hours.

Ultimately, it’s a short and delightful adventure with the option to revisit and learn more about the game’s universe and characters. You may also just go back in and listen to the wonderful soundtrack once more.



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