How Long Is Night In Minecraft (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Seven Minutes

Amongst the different types of games that are available online, Minecraft has been an award-winning game. The game has got appreciation from the critics too. Minecraft is a sandbox video game which is developed by Mojang Studios. The game has been published by Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios, and Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The game is in 3D and is extremely simple to play. Initially, the game was going to be released in 2009, but eventually, it was made available to gamers in 2011. The game is very versatile as it can be played on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, PlayStation, and Xbox. Since the launch of the game, there have been millions of downloads of this game.

How Long Is Night In Minecraft


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How Long Is Night In Minecraft?

In the game, the players have to explore and survive a 3D world that has infinite terrain. In the 3D world of Minecraft, the journey of the player goes through the day-night cycle. However, the concept of time in Minecraft is way different from that of the real world. 

The day and night in the game run 72 faster than the time in the real world. Since the time and the day-night cycle is so fast in the game, the duration of the day and the night is also way shorter as compared to the real world. Considering that the time is 72 times faster, the night in the world of Minecraft stays for about seven minutes.

It is the simple math that can be applied to know the difference of duration of both the day and night of Minecraft in comparison to normal time. Instead of seconds, time in the world of Minecraft is calculated in terms of ticks. The game runs at a normal rate where 20 ticks happen in one second. 

There are other values of measurement in which the duration of a night in Minecraft can be calculated. 

CalculationThe period for which it is night in Minecraft
In Minutes7 Minutes
In Seconds420 Seconds.
In Hours0.116667 Hours

Why A Night In Minecraft Is So Long?

What happens in a game is way different from that in the real world. It is similar in the case of Minecraft too. There are a few reasons behind the night in Minecraft only seven minutes long. The reasons are as follows:

  • The primary reason why a night in Minecraft is only seven minutes long, is that it is happening in a game. A game cannot be in sync with the real-life timing, because that way reaching the end would take years and even more. Since the game is about survival, the day and night cycle happens faster when in Minecraft. In this way, the player can play the game at a proper speed that matches the gameplay.
  • The schedule in the game Minecraft runs 72 times faster than the real-life timing. Hence, 1 second in Minecraft is equal to 0.0138 seconds in real-time. Likewise, 1 minute in Minecraft is equal to 0.83 seconds in real-time. With a similar calculation trend, 1 hour in Minecraft is equal to 50 seconds. Since the night in real-time is for about 11 to 12 hours, thus considering an hour being only for 50 seconds, the night time in the game will last for about seven minutes, give or take a few seconds.
  • The complete schedule in the game Minecraft depends on the tick system. Hence the night starts in the game at about 13000 ticks. During this time, it becomes dark in the game. The night ends at 23000 ticks, which marks the beginning of the daytime. The makes the duration of the night for about 7 minutes only.


The time cycle in Minecraft has four components similar to that in real life, that is Daytime, Night, Dawn, and Dusk. The daytime lasts for the longest as it lasts for 10 minutes, the night is for 7 minutes. While the dawn and the dusk last for 90 seconds each.

When there is nighttime in the game, the sly goes dark. The moon and the stars are also visible in the sky. When a person reaches level 4, the light also comes from the moon, making the gameplay experience immersive.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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