How Long Is The Tour De France (And Why)?

How Long Is The Tour De France (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3-4 Weeks

Tour De France is the world’s biggest sports organization in France. The most difficult and prestigious bicycle races happen for men only that’s why it is also called an annual men’s event. The bicycle tour is 23 days long and consists of 21 stages. The race covers all routes of their neighboring countries.

This event was first held in the year of 1903. Currently, this event is run by Amaury Sport. This race was held in teams and at a given time they had to cover the stages to qualify further. It is considered the world’s most difficult bicycle race. 

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How Long Is The Tour De France?

Tour De France is mostly held in July. 21 stages are there in the cycle race, which means the subsequent stages cover all neighboring cities of France. These stages are divided into different roads which are not flat. These all stages are types of hilly areas. There are nine flat stages, three hilly stages, seven mountain stages, two individual trial days, and two rest days. No individual takes part in it because it’s a team event. It features a total of 198 cyclists in 22 teams of nine cyclists each.

In this event riders also have two rest days because it’s a long day event. Mostly they give a rest day after the stage of 9 and 15. Distance of stages can be changed easily. Its range is not fixed. Mostly in one stage, they provide the shortest path or in another, they provide the longest path. It depends on the event organizer.

They give a very little time limit for the shorter stages. Total 21 stages cover 3414 kilometers approx and if we see it in miles, it is 2,122 miles. The kilometers change accordingly. There are no such criteria of speed; it depends on the rider. But it is said that victorious riders took an average speed of 83-14kph.

Stages Time
Early stages1 week 
Mid stages2 week 
Final stages3 week

Why Does It Take This Long For Tour De France?

As we all love to ride a bicycle and over the years riders exploring the country, mountains with bicycle riding. So seeing that bicycle competition is organized to give a platform to riders. A French cyclist, Henri Desgrange organized a sports event in 1903. He is also a journalist by profession and he promotes this event by displaying the stats on the news. Tour De France is the longest tour in history. Le Grande Boucle and Le Tour are considered the world cups of bicycle racing.

For a few years during the world war, they stopped their event but as they saw a rise in popularity of this event they started it again and the organizer decides to extend the race to other parts as well to make a different race. They first create a route map so everyone can understand and check their capacity according to it.


It is the biggest and only event in France. In this, everyone can take part and there are no such age limit criteria because it’s a team event so the team captain chooses the best rider. So you must have winning international certificates for participating in this event. And physical fitness is very necessary because health plays a vital role to take part in this big race. Most residents of France and their neighboring cities took part in this event. The fans wait quite eagerly for this race to begin.

This event was also broadcast on television. But they take premium subscriptions from every user who wants to watch. So if we want to see a location event a pass is needed for entry. They also have an official website where you can know the recent news of the event. The registrations require a series of checks too. Once the race begins, the contractual obligations are to be followed. It is best to collect all necessary information in advance.


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