How Long Should A Tie Be (And Why)?

How Long Should A Tie Be (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 59 inches

The length of the tie would be different for the types of tie. The length of the tie should be around 58 or 59 inches. This length is considered the standard average length of the tie (regular size). If someone goes for an extra-long tie, then the length would be around 62 inches. There is no such fixed length for any tie. People try to follow the uniform try measurement principle.

For a good formal look, the tie length should end at the starting of the waistband of the t-shirt (or trouser). The length of the tie would have a huge impact on the person’s look. The answer is easy for how long should a tie be, as it depends on the person choosing the tie.

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How Long Should A Tie Be?

Tie Length Category How Long Should A Tie Be
Normal tie length57 inches
Average tie length59 inches
Extra-long tie length62 inches

The length of the tie may vary as it depends on the type of tie the person wants. For example, if someone wants a tie for a formal purpose, then the length has to be average. The length of the tie varies according to the occasion and the person’s preference. Sometimes wearing a long tie would cause problems in managing the length of the tie.

To avoid any such issues, people should wear short or average length ties. People looking for a tie to wear on a daily basis can have a long tie. There are some people that adore extra long ties. In the case of a long tie, the extra length would keep on hanging and would not give a good impression of the person’s appearance.

Therefore if the tie is for official use, then the edges of the tie should not hang lower than the belt buckle (middle). The length of all the types of tie would be different, as it respects different designs. The designs of the tie would be a huge cause to affect the length of the tie. If someone goes for a casual-looking tie, then the length may be short or long, but not standard (59 inches).

For a student, the length of the tie is short as compared to casual and formal ties.

Why A Tie Should Be This Long?

The person can’t expect a causal tie to be the same as a formal tie. The length of the tie varies from brand to brand. The length of the tie would depend on many factors such as the occasion, designs, and the purpose behind wearing the tie. Not all the brands would have the same length for casual and formal categories.

For example, if the length of the tie for a brand is 58 inches, then the other brand may be 59 inches. It’s difficult to say that all the ties would be exactly 59 inches. Many people consider 57 inches as the ideal length for a tie while another look for 59 inches. The height of a person can play a key role in determining what should be the length of a tie.

Small kids can’t wear ties of extra length as they won’t suit their heights. Similarly, tall people can’t adjust with short-length ties. Therefore, the person wearing the tie would be the best to know how long the tie should be according to the requirement. Everyone’s requirements would not be the same.


The length and thickness of the tie vary for all the people and brands. Before finding the correct tie length, it’s vital to know what kind of tie is one looking for. The tie can have various lengths depending on the purpose for which the tie is made. The person looking for a casual tie would have a different length from the person with a formal tie. It is best to check as per the height of the torso so that no issues arise on the last day.


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