How Long Does A Rice Cooker Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 35 minutes

Rice cooker is gaining much fame for its working structure. The easiest way to prepare some outstanding rice for your meals. The time consumption for cooking in a rice cooker would be entirely different for different brands. The time required for cooking using a rice cooker would be around 35 minutes. Some cookers may cook in 20 minutes while others may take more than 35 minutes.

The amount of water required for cooking in the rice cooker depends on the type of rice cooker being used. How much time is required to cook in the rice cooker would depend on the type of rice and cooker the person uses.

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How Long Does A Rice Cooker Take?

Rice CookerHow Long Does A Rice Cooker Take
For one cup of rice (white)26 minutes
For three cups of rice (white)33 minutes

Using a rice cooker would be extremely easy to avoid the chaos of cooking. The person can use the rice cooker to cook rice in a large quantity. There are many restaurants that use the rice cooker (commercial) for cooking rice in a few minutes. A Rice cooker would be a convenient way to cook rice in much less time, as compared to other ways of cooking rice.

The Rice cooker would take around 20 to 25 minutes for preparing plain rice without any addition. The steps of preparing rice in a rice cooker are very less that saves time. People just have to set it on and put the required things. Then the rice cooker starts doing its job, and the rice would be ready in a few minutes.

The time may vary for different people as not everyone uses the same type of rice. Some rice may get prepared in 15 minutes while others may take around 30 minutes. A huge advantage of using a rice cooker is to keep yourself free from work. The rice cooker works automatically without any need for employees to work on it.

The working structure of the rice cooker depends on boiling the water as the water would cook the rice (or grains). A Rice cooker (any kind of rice cooker) can be used for making different types of food from grains and rice. The person who stays really busy can find the rice cooker extremely useful.

Once the rice cooker starts working then there is no need to look after it at regular time intervals.

Why Does A Rice Cooker Take This Long?

The time of cooking in a rice cooker depends on the amount of rice and the type of rice. If you are cooking a less (small) amount of rice, then the water requirement for the cooking amount will be less. These variables are directly proportional to each other.

Less water requirement means less time for boiling. All these will reduce the time for cooking the rice. When the person tries to work a large amount of rice in the cooker, then the time requirement may be more. The type of cooker will increase or decrease the cooking time for a rice cooker.

For example, if the rice cooker you are using is extremely powerful and cooks in less time, then it will save your time. There are some rice cookers available in the market that may cook the rice (or grains) in 10 to 20 minutes. Many rice cookers come with both cooking and warming option. The time required for both the processes would be different.


The cooking time for the rice cooker would be around 35 minutes on average, irrespective of other factors. Some cookers may take more or, less time depending on the amount of rice to be prepared.

The rice cooker can warm things in very little time as compared to the cooking process. Just make sure to put the correct amount of water (As per requirement) in the cooker according to the grain and rice to be cooked.


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