How Long To Beat Death Stranding (And Why)?

Exact Answer: About 40 – 60 Hours

Released quite recently in 2019, Death stranding is an action-packed video game that is in craze among the youth these days. The developer of this game is Kojima Productions and is published by noteworthy publishers called Sony Interactive Entertainment and 505 Games. In November 2019, Sony released this video game for the PlayStation 4 whereas 505 Games made it available for Windows PCs in July 2020. Set in the United States of America, this game is a delight for players.



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The plot of the game revolves around a disastrous event after which myriad deadly creatures are unleashed on Earth and are creating chaos. The game is highly praised by gaming critics for its soundtrack, visuals, characterization, and many other aspects. It has majorly received favorable reviews along with some mixed views on the storyline and plot of the game.

The game has won several accolades and has even been nominated for some like the Game of the Year award. Despite being a new player in the market, Death Stranding managed to sell five million copies of the video game as per the data of July 2021.

How Long To Beat Death Stranding

How Long To Beat Death Stranding?

Just like most action-based video games, Death Stranding is set in an open-world theme. As per the developer of Death Stranding, the game is the first of its type to belong to an original genre of being a strand game. Realistically, the game Death Stranding could take anywhere from 30 to 40 hours to get through by just completing the main quests. Death Stranding Director’s Cut has added even more elements to the game making its content last for several more hours.

Thus, when one is planning on sticking to only the main story of the game and completing only essential tasks to progress through it, then the average time required to beat Death Stranding can vary from 40 – 42 hours. To complete within this time frame, the player would be required only to complete those missions that are prominently highlighted on the gaming map, without getting sidelined by the side quests.

However, if one wants to experience all that the game has to offer, then one needs to complete even the side quests along with the main story. This could take about 60 hours of one’s time. For a completionist who plans on acquiring every trophy and achievement available in the game, it could take about 112 hours of gameplay.

Main story40.5 hours
The main story along with additional side quests58.5 hours
Completionist112 hours

Why Does It Take So Long To Beat Death Stranding?

Death Stranding is a lengthy game that cannot be completed in 15 – 30 hours. One needs to dedicate a minimum of 35 – 40 hours to complete it with only attempting the main tasks. No doubt it is a lengthy game as it has many kinds of stuff to offer.

One can try on completing the first few chapters of the game as soon as possible to enjoy the entire game. The entire Death Stranding is 14 chapters long excluding the post-game. It is quite easy for one to spend maximum time in the first couple of chapters as they are quite time-consuming and accounts for about one-third of the entire length of the game.


Based on average estimates by Death Stranding players, it takes about 40 – 60 hours for one to beat Death Stranding and reach its conclusion. The game has fast travel with which players can easily go back to previous areas even after they have progressed ahead in the game. Thus, one is not required to fully complete an area before moving on has one can always come back and finish it up later.

By just committing to main missions, one can complete Death Stranding in approximately 40 hours. However, if one is looking to complete the main story as well as the extras it has to offer, it would require about 55 – 60 hours of gameplay to beat Death Stranding.



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