How Long To Beat LA Noire (And Why)?

How Long To Beat LA Noire (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 hours

L.A. Noire is a single-player mystery game set in post-war Los Angeles’ notorious streets and smoke-filled back rooms. L.A. Noire is a game that was designed and created as a nod to the classic film noir movie series. It combines crystal clear visuals that bring the popular look and sound of the period to life, with a mixture of advanced technologies and creative gameplay that allows you to solve crimes through interrogations and discovery. Additional features include the option to operate at five LAPD-based crime desks, the ability to observe the investigation as well as victims for evidence, a precise block-by-block reconstruction of eight square miles of 1947 Los Angeles, various difficulty configurations, and more.

How Long To Beat LA Noire

How Long to Beat LA Noire?

Among the games that are developed these days, adventurous, thriller, suspense, and thriller are included such that the gamers get the actual feeling of how they are playing in the game. L.A. Noire is a large-scale detective game based on cutting-edge performance capturing technologies. The outcome is so genuine that you can deduce hints from interrogations by taking criminals off guard and watching their reactions.

Single- PlayerPolledAverageMedianRushedLeisure
Main Story9525h25h20h30h 15min
Main + Extras14131h 23min30h23h 50min53h 20min
Completionists5546h 09min45h36h 47min60h 17min
All Playstyles29132h 06min28h 35min22h 40min53h 10min

L. A Noire is available in Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4. In addition to that this game is also available with the main story and the improvised version which includes extras along with the main story. Not only this but this game is available in different playstyles avoiding boredom for people who play this game. Different versions take different times to beat L. A Noire The least time is taken is for the main story as the main story does not include any extra additions. The time mentioned above in the table is only in the case of single-player. But the time varies according to the players and the device used as well.

Why Does It Take That Long to Beat LA Noire?

LA Noire is full of odd crimes to investigate, and with the arrival of the remaster, we’ll be able to do so with even better graphics. To finish the game, the gamer must solve 26 cases spread across five desks. The remaster contains all of the cases that were available as DLC for the original version, making it the most full edition available. Here is the collection of every case in LA Noire, and also highlighted which ones were DLC that you may have skipped if you played the original 2011 release.

The Patrol Desk handles a wide range of crimes, and you’ll have the opportunity to show that you have what it takes to be a detective.

  • Upon Reflection
  • Armed and Dangerous
  • Warrants Outstanding
  • Buyer Beware

This is the very first case as a plainclothes officer. The Traffic Desk investigates automobile-related offenses such as robberies and vehicular killings.

  • The Driver’s Seat
  • The Consul’s Car (Previously only available on PS3 and PC)
  • A Marriage Made in Heaven
  • A Slip of the Tongue (Pre-order DLC for the original release)
  • The Fallen Idol

When you commit murder, you are a rising investigator. You’ll get to investigate and solve murder-related cases here.

  • The Red Lipstick Murder
  • The Golden Butterfly
  • The Silk Stocking Murder
  • The White Shoe Slaying
  • The Studio Secretary Murder
  • The Quarter Moon Murders

The Vice Desk is in charge of dealing with cocaine, pornography, and trafficking. Will you have what it takes to keep on track?

  • The Black Caesar
  • Reefer Madness (Previously DLC)
  • The Set Up
  • The Naked City (Pre-order DLC for the original release)
  • Manifest Destiny

In LA Noire, this is the last bench. You’ll be tasked with investigating fire-related crimes.

  • The Gas Man
  • A Walk in Elysian Fields
  • House of Sticks
  • A Polite Invitation
  • Nicholson Electroplating (Previously DLC)
  • A Different Kind of War

A gamer needs to set aside some time to finish all 26 events. LA Noire takes about 20 hours to complete, with additional time required if you complete the optional Street Crime segments.


Playing one game for so long is boring. Makers of the game try to take away that boredom while building a game. L .A. Noire is also invented keeping in mind that it would engage many players. This is a game that everyone would want to play. The very satisfaction of solving a case seems triumphant. Starting from the main story to all the playstyles, the game is quite engaging that a person can play for around 25 to 30 hours or even more while taking needed breaks. Adventures, levels, and playstyles make L .A. Noire very interesting and different from other games. It is suggested that everyone should take a step forward and start playing this game. 


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24 thoughts on “How Long To Beat LA Noire (And Why)?”

  1. The diversity in the types of cases and tasks in this game is quite intriguing, adds a lot of depth to the gameplay.

  2. I can’t wait to solve the mysteries and crimes in this game, it seems like an intellectually stimulating experience.

  3. The time commitment to beat this game seems quite excessive, I’m not sure if it’s worth it.

  4. This game’s attention to historical accuracy and detailed storytelling sets it apart from other detective games.

  5. It’s great to see a game with such an extensive storyline and gameplay variety, I’m looking forward to trying it out.

  6. The level of detail in recreating 1947 Los Angeles is astonishing, I’m intrigued to see it in the game.

  7. The amount of detail and thought put into each case is truly impressive, it’s a testament to the game’s quality.

  8. I find it quite ironic that a game centered around solving crimes takes around 20-30 hours to complete, almost as long as a real investigation!

  9. The fact that it takes so long to beat this game is ironic, but it speaks to the depth and complexity of the storylines and cases.

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