How Long To Boil A Diva Cup (And Why)?

How Long To Boil A Diva Cup (And Why)?

Exact Answer: About 10 Minutes

The reproductive cycle in females is the menstrual cycle. In which heavy bleeding occurs from their vaginal region.  Only a few people are aware of a menstrual cup. It is a very small, funnel-sized, and springy product. Females inject it into the vagina to collect the period blood. 

The cups are hygienic and clasp more blood than any other method. Females use it as an eco-friendly and alternative method to tampons.

Using a menstrual cup is hygienic as well as a curse for health. It is a challenging task to get a proper size menstrual cup that fits the body.

How Long To Boil A Diva Cup

How Long Does It Take To Boil A Diva Cup?

Boil a diva cup10 minutes
Sterilize a diva cup in boiling water2 to 4 minutes

Diva cups are the alternative to pads.  The difference is that pads are not reusable, but the diva cups are reusable. Regular cleaning is required to maintain proper hygiene. 

During periods, the cup should be made empty every few hours and washed. After every period, it should be properly sterilized to avoid bacterial growth. 

The menstrual cup should be boiled and sterilized before and after every period. To sterilize, first soak it in warm water for few minutes to loosen the waste products produced during bleeding. After that, rinse it to remove the waste. 

Soaking and scrubbing are vital steps in cleaning. To scrub, a toothbrush is an ideal choice. It should be rinsed under flowing water with some unscented soap. Scented soaps are not apt for the vagina. 

After rinsing, boil it. To boil the cup, immerse it in a pot of water in which the cup is completely submerged. If the temperature rises immensely, then the cup may melt also.

Heat the pot or pan to a boiling temperature. After boiling starts, set a timer for five to ten minutes. Do not over boil the cup. After boiling, remove it and wipe it with a clean and dry cloth. After complete drying, store it properly.

Why Does It Take So Long To Boil A Diva Cup?

Menstrual cups or diva cups are useful and essential to boil before using them to maintain proper hygiene. The boiling will help in removing bacteria so that in further case it may not cause any allergy or rashes.

A menstrual cup is so cheap that everyone can afford this. It is easy to use and eco-friendly. One can use it twice or thrice after purchasing. Rather than tampons, it is comfortable. 

Diva cups can hold more amount of blood than tampons. Though it depends on the brand, it is a very long-lasting and reusable material. Rather than pads or tampons, menstrual cups are easy to clean up. It is made up of rubber and elastic, so it is easy to clean properly. 

Some brands of menstrual cups are can’t be felt during the time of sex. They can be worn with an IUD. 

Man has risen from the meagerest position of a troglodyte to the impressive position of a spaceman. He has overthrown time and space and has subdued all the forces of nature.  Every coin has two faces, so this is the issue in science.

Menstrual cups are of different sizes and lengths that are available in the market. The removal of a menstrual cup is too tough and chaotic. While using, females may feel pain during the vaginal and pelvic region.

The vaginal opening is too short to insert a menstrual cup of big diameter. Females may suffer from pain while inserting this cup. While pulling the cup down, females should be careful and conscious.  


Using a menstrual cup that does not fit the vagina may aggravate. Inserting the cup without lubricating may cause pain, and females may get rashes throughout the region. All the menstrual cups are not hygienic. 

Some of them are very dangerous and may cause allergies. Though they are made up of silicon they may cause allergies to different persons.

Children reaching the teen phase, start showing very peculiar behavior that can grow up into big problems. Everyone should be aware of this menstruation and the proper hygienic health care. 

Proper sex education should be given in the school and colleges with the presence of parents and children, which is beneficial in upcoming days.


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