How Long Do Sprouts Take To Boil (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 5 minutes

Boiling sprouts would not take more than 5 to 10 minutes. There are many types of sprouts available in the market that people can use for boiling. The boiling of sprouts would require many steps. The quantity of water and the number of sprouts need to be perfect for allowing the sprouts to get boil faster.

The germinated seeds such as spouts can be eaten in their raw form too. Sprouts are known for their outstanding nutrient value and health benefits. People who follow a weight management diet would find the sprouts extremely helpful.

Raw sprouts are more beneficial than boiled sprouts. The boiling process would reduce the nutrient value to some extent. The sprouts such as mung bean, radish sprouts, and broccoli sprouts are known for their health benefits. People can eat edible spouts for reducing the risk of heart problems.

People need to check the sprouts during the cooking process to not let the sprouts overcook. If the sprouts are overcooked, then they would lose their flavor and texture.

How Long Do Sprouts Take To Boil

How Long Do Sprouts Take To Boil?

In minutes5 minutes
In seconds300 minutes

The person needs to have a good understanding of how to boil the sprouts. To boil the sprouts, the person is supposed to follow the below-mentioned steps:

 Step 1- Take a pan and add the required amount of water to it. After the water starts to boil, then put the sprouts and some salt in the water.

Step 2- Make sure the sprouts are getting boiled in high flame. Nobody should try to boil the sprouts in low flame as it would affect the texture and flavors of the sprouts. The person should allow the sprouts to get boiled in the water for around 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 3- After the sprouts are perfectly boiled, the person can drain the water. After draining the water, people should serve the sprouts and can add any other seasoning or ingredients required in it.

Everyone should avoid adding any sauces to the sprouts as it would disturb the boiling of the sprouts. The best way to know if the sprouts are boiled or not is by checking their texture.

The texture of the sprouts should be extremely crunchy after the boiling process is finished. People can also use a mixture of sprouts for the boiling process. Everyone should try to take the sprouts with a similar boiling time. Taking sprouts with different boiling times would affect the texture of each sprout.

Why Do Sprouts Take This Long To Boil?

Boiling sprouts can kill any bacteria present in them. Some spouts may contain bacteria that would not go by simple washing. Therefore, to prevent the transfer of bacteria to the body, people need to cook or boil them. The sprouts can get boil quicker as they take very little time to get softened. The sprouts can boil faster than the legumes.

Many people prefer boiling the sprouts till they get perfectly tender. The sprouts may sometimes contain irritating substances or dirt particles in them. These would get deactivated and removed if people boil the sprouts for not more than 8 minutes.

If people would try to boil the sprouts for more time, then it would not hold the crunchy texture of the sprouts. The boiling time of the sprouts can also depend on the type of food item, the person is going to make. If someone is going to have sprout salad, then boiling the sprouts for 8 to 10 minutes would do.

If someone is making curry using sprouts, then boiling the sprouts for 2 to 3 minutes would do. As the sprouts would again get cooked with other ingredients. Make sure to use clean water to boil the sprouts or else it would host bacteria and unwanted substances in the food.


The sprouts can take around 8 to 10 minutes to get boiled. The boiling time for all the sprouts would not be the same. Boiling the sprouts would be great for the digestive system. As the digestion of boiling sprouts is easier than the raw sprouts. People who have a weak digestive system can try cooked or boiled sprouts.

Make sure to follow all the steps of the sprout boiling process correctly to not destroy the taste and nutrient value of the sprouts.



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