How Long To Boil Lobster (And Why)?

How Long To Boil Lobster (And Why)?

Exact Answer : 8 to 15 minutes

There is nothing more exalted feast than a lobster on your plate. Lobster is an easy dish to prepare without requiring so many ingredients. Boiling Lobster is the simple way to cook and enjoy a seafood feast at your home. Boiling cooks lobster quickly and the flesh of the lobster comes out of the shell more readily. The lobster comes in various sizes i.e why its boiling time also varies. Don’t worry, it just takes some minutes to have an experience of exquisite seafood.

How Long To Boil Lobster

How Long To Boil Lobster?

Before boiling lobster, make sure to weigh its weight. The boiling time duration of a lobster is directly dependent upon its weight. While buying it from the market or fishmonger, ask him to tell you its weight. If not then check it with the help of kitchen measuring weighing scales. Hence, weighing your lobsters is important for perfect boiling.

Choose a wide and large pot to put all the lobsters without jammed the pot. Make sure that whatever utensil or pot you used, has plenty had space to cook properly.If you crowd the lobsters inside the pot, the heat will not be able to circulate uniformly around the lobster. In case you don’t have one big pot then distribute the lobsters in two different small pots. Make sure when you distribute lobsters into two pots, the amount of water should be the same.

Boil your lobster by entirely submerge all the lobsters in the water properly. Boiling lobster in the seawater magnified its flavor and specific ocean water. Not every individual needs to have access to ocean water. So, the alternative process for this step is to mix 1/4 cup of sea salt for each gallon of water put in the pot.

Cover the pot properly and stir the lobsters in between the boiling. When your lobster is cooked, its shell will turn from black or brown to bright red color. The red color is a sign that the lobster is cooked properly. Don’t just jump into your plates immediately. Wait for 5 minutes and let it cool down. In the meantime, the meat will also absorb if there is any excess moisture present. Here is the table for different weighing lobster boiling time duration.

Boiling Lobster Time Duration
1 pound8 to 9 minutes
1.25 pound9 to 10 minutes
1.5 pound11 to 12 minutes
1.75 pound12 to 13 minutes
2 pound15 minutes
2.25 pound17 minutes
2.5 pound20 minutes
3 pound30 minutes

Why Does Lobster Take This Long To Boil?

Utterly boiled lobster is one of the heavenly delicious pleasures of seafood. It is not that hard if you know all the lobster boiling hacks. Boiling is a fast cooking technique for lobster as compare to steaming. If you are planning to boil a bunch of lobsters then definitely boiling is the right choice. Boiling cooks lobsters more evenly than steaming. During the boiling, the high-intensity heat cooks the meat of the lobster more promptly. It becomes more convenient to remove the flesh from the shell.

Preparing lobster is not less than any piece of art. It requires the right timing of boiling for a soft and juicy lobster bite. Overcooking your lobster may result in a tough or chewy lobster. That may not gives you a good experience to eat. Thus, it is necessary to properly weigh your lobster and know your accurate cooking period for the lobster. Cooking lobster through the boiling procedure is one of the traditional cooking methods.


Boil the lobsters for 12 to 18 minutes so that the translucent meat converts into the white one. Usually, the hard shell lobsters will take more time than the soft ones. When the shell turns completely bright red, it is entirely cooked state.

Some points need to be remembered while cooking lobster. Make sure that the lobster is kept alive till they are boiled. This is because the flesh of the lobster begins to decay soon after they are killed. It is also suggested that place the lobsters in the freezer to numbing them.


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