How Long To Charge A Tesla (And Why)?

How Long To Charge A Tesla (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 20 Minutes to 8 Days

Hundred years back, if someone said that one could have a face time conversation with their friends & family, it would have been ridiculed. The advancements of science & technology did make it happen.

The possibility of stylish, quick & strong electric cars was said to be the future. Tesla is a company established by Martin Eberhard, Marc Tarpenning & Elon Musk, which made this possible in the early 2010s. 

Tesla is the leading brand in the space of electric cars. If you planning to buy these superb electric cars, you surely would like to know the time taken to charge a Tesla.   

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How Long To Charge A Tesla?

It takes a period of 20 minutes to 8 days to charge a Tesla. The range is so large as multiple factors influence the rate of charging of a Tesla. The charging time mentioned here is calculated from zero.

The two primary factors that determine the charging time of a Tesla are the type of charger & model of Tesla. The type of charger is an important factor as it is responsible for the charging speed. While the model of Tesla determines the capacity up to which it can be charged.

Depending upon the type of charger, the charging speed can be anywhere around 2 miles to 1000 miles per hour. Tesla has installed superchargers that help charge the vehicles at a higher speed. Recently, Tesla launched V3 supercharging that has decreased the charging time.

If you want to charge a Tesla at your home, then you can install the wall connectors. Tesla recommends the use of wall connectors to charge your Tesla at home. You can also use the normal socket or voltage (120 V) outlet that one uses to charge other home appliances. 

One can also use 220 or 240 V voltage outlets to charge Tesla. It charges the vehicle quickly. If you charge Tesla frequently, then it is recommended to use wall connectors or a 220 or 240 V power supply. Frequent charging using superchargers may damage the battery.

Refer to this table for the charging time taken by each Tesla model for charging from zero to a full charge using a Tesla supercharger.

Tesla ModelCharging Time
Tesla Model S30 to 40 Minutes
Tesla Model X40 to 50 Minutes
Tesla Model Y20 to 30 Minutes
Tesla Model 320 to 30 Minutes

Why Does A Tesla Charge For So Long?

The main factor is the type of charger & its mechanism. There are three levels of charging based on these factors. Level 1 provides the least electricity output while level 3 has the highest.

If you are not in a hurry, then level 1 charging can be used. Level 1 is the normal 120 V power supply that charges quite slowly with an output of 20A current. The result is extremely slow charging that can take days for a complete charge. The reason behind it is the low electric current output.

Even level 2 charging is ideal for overnight charging. It uses a 220V or 240V power supply with an output of around 80A current.

Level 3 charging uses a 480V power supply. It has a higher charging speed than level 2 charging. Superchargers come under this category. They are capable of producing 300A current.

As the current output increases from the charger, the time decreases. Moreover, a full charge is also highly dependent on the Tesla model. Tesla electric cars on a full charge may have a capacity of 240 miles to a whopping 520 miles. 

The charging of the battery from 20% to 80% is quick. This is called the sweet spot of charging. The charging process becomes slower as it reaches the full charge. This is due to the existing ions present in the battery. The charging slows down from 80% to a full charge. 


Science & technology have evolved exponentially in the last few decades. Now, fast and reliable electric cars with quick charging are made available by Tesla. With the arrival of V3 supercharging technology, charging a Tesla has become even quicker.


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