How Long Is A Flight To Japan (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Around 10 Hours

Japan is a great country. It is very strong when it comes to industrializing itself, and still, it holds its traditional values. It tries to maintain the balance by developing new technologies while preserving the traditions. When a person visits Japan, they get to enjoy the two opposites. They can enjoy the fascinating technology that is perhaps not available anywhere, as well as the pure and traditional places.

In such a case, a person may wish to go to Japan. The best way to travel to Japan is by flight. And for the trip, they have to calculate all the time they are going to spend in Japan and traveling inside and to Japan.

How Long Is A Flight To Japan

How Long Is A Flight To Japan?

Actually, the duration of the flight will completely different according to the place of departure and arrival. If a person is in India, and they wish to travel to Japan, it will take them approximately 7-10 hours in the airplane to arrive at their chosen airport. However, if the plan lands on some stops, the flight time may be increased up to around 24 hours approximately.

However, this time may differ according to the country from which the person is departing to Japan. For instance, from the United States, the faster non-stop flights may take approximately 12 hours to arrive in Japan. On the other hand, on average, it takes around 15 hours for a flight to reach Japan. The time limit increases substantially when the airplane has multiple stops rather than being a non-stop flight.

Similarly, the duration of flight changes again if one is talking from a different place. If one is visiting Japan from Africa the duration of the flight will be different from the flight of the United States and India. If one is going to Japan from Johannesburg, South Africa, it may take them approximately 15 to 20 hours to arrive in Japan. This just includes flight time and not other timings.

This makes it eminent that time spent in flight visiting Japan varies from place to place. However, Japan always tries to promote tourism. Every year millions of visitors, visit Japan. This is because Japan tries to adapt itself according to the demands of the visitors

Departed FromTime spent in flight (approx.)
India8-10 Hours
South Africa15-20 Hours
The United States15 Hours

Why Does It Take That Long In Flight To Reach Japan?

Basically, some factors alter the time spent in flight by a person visiting Japan. The duration of how long the will flight be to Japan will actually completely depend on the starting point. The duration of the flight from India to Japan will be different from the duration of the flight from Europe to Japan. Similarly, flight duration from the United States to Japan will be different from a flight from South Africa to Japan.

The duration of the flight will also depend on whether or not the airplane will land at a stop or not. The more cities the airplane will travel in before reaching its destination, the more time it will take for the person to reach their destination. It is upon the visitor which flight they chose to travel to Japan. If they take a flight that has multiple stops, the flight will take more time to reach Japan. However, if they take a non-stop flight, they will arrive in Japan comparatively sooner.

Flight To Reach Japan

If a person is traveling to Japan, the fact that which airport in Japan they chose as their destination becomes a factor of the time taken in flight. Currently, there are four international airports in Japan. Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, which is located near Tokyo, Kansai Airport located near Osaka, and Chubu Airport which is near Nagoya. The time spent on flights arriving at these different may not differ a lot, but still, little difference will be there.


Japan is a popular country for international visitors. It is rich in culture. It has post-industrialization and traditional places to visit that may mesmerize anyone who visits them.

The time spent in flight may differ from the place they are departing to Japan. If one takes a flight to Japan from India, it may take them 7 to 10 hours, while from the United States, it may take them 15 hours.

Other factors that influence the duration of flight include how many stops the airplane will take, the destination airport in Japan, etc.


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