How Long To Close On A House (And Why)?

How Long To Close On A House (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 45 days

Buying a new house would be filled with excitement and happiness. The only concern would be the bidding war. The closing on the house process would take about 45 days. Some rules say the closing of house purchases would take about 51 days, but the days may vary. The health of the housing market plays a vital role in predicting the days to close on a house.
The type of loan involved is another huge point to effects the days to close on a house. If the complexities with being very less in the financial evaluation of the buyer, then the close on a house process would take around 30 days. The process involved the inspection and evaluation of the seller’s home that makes the process lengthy.

How Long To Close On A House

How Long To Close On A House?

Close On A House ProcessHow Long To Close On A House
Minimum days30 days
Maximum days51 days

It would take around 45 days (average) to close on the house. If the complications would be fewer, then it may happen in a shorter time. You can’t expect the process to be over before 30 days, as there are many steps to be covered. The process depends on the type of mortgage loan taken for the house.

The interaction and communication should be clear between the parties to avoid any delay. If all the steps are properly covered without any dispute, then the process would be complete at the earliest. In some cases, the loan takes a lot of time to be granted. The delay in the loan process ultimately delays the close on a house process.

If the seller, lender, and buyer find any communication issues or gaps, then this can be another reason for delay. The closing process is not at all lengthy, as it takes around 2 hours. The time goes log for the process, as there are many things to be covered. The closing process would take a maximum of 45 to 51 days for the whole process.

Some people may get the closing process done in just one month. You can avoid complications to avoid unnecessary delays in the process. You have to certify your purchase by keeping everything free from disputes. The process of closing would become easier when you will tie up the loose ends in your purchases. Make sure you are ready for the final closing appointment.

If you miss the appointment, the process may go longer. You have to keep everything ready for the process.

Why Close On A House Takes This Long?

The process of closing is quite a time-taking and could go more if you have no document prepared. To avoid any delay you should go to the meeting (of closing) with your real identity proof. The closing disclosure document and its copy should be there with you while attending the meeting. There you have to submit the check (cashier’s check).

The check would clear the expenses involved in the closing process. The closing days include the signing of documents and a few more steps. Once you are done with completing the process, you can easily get your closing process done. You have to pay your closing costs at the ending process. The final step would include the transferring of the name.

The house name will be transferred from the old owner to the new owner. This would conclude the meeting and would close on a house. You can quickly finish the closing process in a few hours if you keep all the required documents with you. The documents should be as per the requirement to avoid any issues (or disputes)


The closing on a house process would not take more than 51 days. The average expected time for the closing process is around 45 days. The parties should build good communication with each other to avoid disputes. The process involves some strict rules, and it should be followed correctly. Before starting with the process, you should have a clear knowledge of it.


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