How Long Is A Dissertation (And Why)?

How Long Is A Dissertation (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 50,000 words

The word count for the dissertation would be different for students at different levels of study. The dissertation is supposed to be prepared by the students. It is more of a research project or thesis that is based on your degree courses. The dissertation project would play a very important role in determining student capacity.

The dissertation would be based on the skills of the student. The student has to prove the learning skills that he has acquired from the University. The student has to show research skills by preparing the dissertation. Preparing a dissertation takes time and it is not possible to be drafted within days.

The most important part is that the dissertation project should be prepared using individual skills using very little guidance from others. You can take help from your mentors, but in the end, your involvement is required fully.

How Long Is A Dissertation

How Long Is A Dissertation?

Dissertation Project Word Length
At study levelUp to 12,000 words
At Master’s levelUp to 25,000 words
At Ph.D. level50,000 words and more

If you want to prepare an outstanding dissertation project, then you have to do a lot of research. The grades of the degree depending on the standard of your dissertation project. The standard of the dissertation project should be top-level. The dissertation would have a huge impact on the final grade of your degree.

The length of the dissertation is different for students and professionals. For example, the length of the dissertation for undergraduate students will not be the same as for PhD-level folks. The dissertation can be of two types. These are empirical and non-empirical dissertations. The format and word length for both types of the dissertation would be somehow different.

The main motive of the empirical dissertation is to collect the data. In an empirical dissertation, you have to keep on researching to collect more data, as you can’t work with the existing data. In the non-empirical dissertation, you have to work with the existing data and no need to collect any new data. For a non-empirical dissertation be ready to read a book for hours together.

If you are going for a non-empirical dissertation, then you have to show your critical analysis skills. Both the type of dissertation is different and will require a different type of research skills. If the dissertation is for student level, then the word limit will be around 12,000. If the dissertation is for master level, then the word count would be up to 25,000.

For Ph.D. people, the word limit for the dissertation will be around 50,000.

Why Is A Dissertation This Long?

Research projects are quite lengthy. The dissertation is lengthy, as it deals with research content. You have to show good research work to prepare an impressive dissertation. The dissertation includes some new ideas. The dissertation process is for helping students with their careers. The project will help you understand your study in a better way.
Many colleges take viva presentations of the dissertation. This ensures that you have done your work. Then you have to answer all the questions asked about your dissertation. The preparation of the dissertation helps many students to read and learn more about their degrees. Without a dissertation, many students won’t be able to understand their studies, as they may cheat.

The dissertation project can have different word count depending on the research skills of the student, but the word limit would be the same for different levels of degrees. The dissertation length can be affected by the college’s (or university’s) criteria and conditions.


The length of the dissertation is not content and you may see different word lengths for the dissertation. It depends on the guileless and conditions of the university. The topics of the dissertation can affect the word count (or length) of the project. Choosing a good topic for a dissertation is vital, as your content depends on the type of topic you choose.


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