How Long To Cook A Stuffed Turkey (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5 Hours

Turkey also called turkey meat, is consumed mostly in parts of North America. This meat is of turkey which is domesticated turkey but wild turkeys are also consumed. It is the most loved and popular poultry dish. It is consumed traditionally also on the events like thanksgiving and Christmas, also considered as standard cuisine. Turkey is somewhat similar to chicken but differs in size. Its features, head, and feet are removed like chicken before consumption. The wild turkey has a very different taste than the farm-raised turkey.



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How Long To Cook A Stuffed Turkey

How Long To Cook A Stuffed Turkey?

Frozen turkey is very popular which is used as a slice of sandwich meat and can be curved as cold cuts. Its recipe is almost the same as chicken and is used as a substitute for chicken. Ground turkey can be used in the place of ground beef as a portion of food in the market. The cooking process of turkey should be prepared carefully other which it will end up with less moisture than other meals like the meat of chicken or duck.

The flavor of the turkey differs from season to season and what they are fed. The meat of the turkey is dark in color with an intense flavor in it. The turkey has a gamier flavor in late summers due to several insects in its diet over the preceding months. The wild turkey has milder favor as they are fed grass and grains. The flavor also differs with older heritage breeds.

Turkey has great taste and has good nutritional value too. The raw chicken contains 47% water, 1% fat, 111 kilocalories, 20% protein, niacin, vitamin B6, phosphorus, and a moderate amount of pantothenic acid about 19%, and zinc. It doesn’t have any carbohydrates in it. Turkey is usually baked and roasted for several hours, as the dark meat needs a high temperature for cooking as compared to white meat due to the pigmentation of myoglobin. The stuffed Turk needs to be cooked for at least five hours to get the perfect texture and flavor.

Method Duration
Stuffed Turkey 5 Hours
Non- Stuffed Turkey3 Hours

Why Does Stuffed Turkey Take That Long To Cook?

The stuffed turkey that a longer time than the unstuffed turkey due to the fillings present inside it. The cooking time depends on factors like which piece is been cooked, the weight of the Turk, and the color of the meat. Turkey with dark meat tends to take a longer time to cook and is high temperature than the white color meat. The pigmentation of the meat color is due to the presence of a pigment called myoglobin which affects the color. Hight amount of myoglobin means dark-colored meat and less amount of myoglobin means white-colored meat.

It is really important to consumed properly cooked meat of any animal otherwise you can have several health problems. Raw meat has several bacteria and one of them is salmonella which is common poultry bacteria found in uncooked or undercooked meat. This bacteria is really harmful to health and causes diarrhea, fever, vomiting, and severe abdominal cramps.

Consuming raw meat is always dangerous as it causes food poisoning resulting in severe diarrhea. A person suffering from salmonella food poisoning should consume food that is easily digestive like bananas, rice and consuming more fluid for the body. Using heavy antibiotics in diarrhea may lead to a prolonged carrier state. If carrier state is prolonged and you can be an easy carrier of diarrhea to your family and people living around you.


Turkey is the most popular and loved dish in the Northern parts of America. It is used for traditional events also like thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. It is a small family and friends gathering where everyone shows their gratitude and happiness about all the luxury they are living with. It is really important to cook the turkey carefully to attain proper taste and texture to make it pleasant.


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