How Long To Roast A Chicken (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 Hour 15 Minutes

There are chicken lovers in every friend’s group and family. The basic roast chicken is a classic Sunday roast favourite and a crowd-pleaser all-around. Crispy, golden skin and soft, luscious meat are the key ingredients. No matter whether there’s a party or wedding or family get-together, roasted chicken is common almost everywhere.

Even if we talk about chicken lovers, a lot of people like roasted chicken. The juicy, crispy and spicy taste it has is hard to ignore. Moreover, if there are any leftovers, store them in the fridge for quick weekday meals. In other words, it’s a present that keeps on giving.

how long to roast a chicken

How Long To Roast A Chicken?

TemperatureTime Duration
High Temperature1 Hour 15 Minutes
Low Temperature2 Hours

When it comes to cooking, the secret to a tasty and mouth-watering dish lies with the time taken to cook that dish. No matter how many ingredients or spices you add to your food while cooking, it won’t taste good unless it is cooked for the right duration of time.

If we talk about chicken, in particular, it is highly important to know the right duration to cook, fry or roast it. If the chicken is not roasted for the right duration of time, it won’t give a juicy taste and will rather be dry. On the other hand, when the chicken is roasted for the right duration of time, it’ll have a great aroma and taste full of spices.

When it comes to the duration of roasting chicken, it’s a cinch to figure out. It takes 45 minutes per kilogramme, plus an extra 20 minutes for finishing. If you want to keep your roast chicken moist, baste it once or twice while it’s cooking. Simply scoop up the fat with a spoon or, better yet, a baster, and drizzle it over the skin.

Roast A Chicken

A simple roast chicken recipe will make your home smell amazing and you’ll have a juicy roasted chicken in just over an hour if you want a fuss-free Sunday meal to amaze your family and friends. It just needs to be cooked for the right duration of time.

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Brining is one of the secrets to a moist and delicious roast chicken. You can either wet-brine the chicken by soaking it in a saltwater solution or dry-brine it by rubbing salt and optional seasonings all over it. You’re in luck if your chicken is kosher; it’s already brined.

Why To Roast A Chicken For That Long?

Cooking chicken to an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit isn’t just a recommendation; it’s also a matter of food safety since undercooked chicken can lead to salmonella illness. To avoid foodborne illness, it is critical to ensure that chicken achieves the right internal temperature.

Cooking time refers to how long it takes a chicken to cook completely. Cooking time is determined by the temperature of the meat when it is placed in the oven and the thickness of the meat. Cooking time will be longer in general if the temperature is lower. Keep in mind that cooking time and temperature are inversely proportional.

If you cook chicken at a lower temperature, it will take longer to cook. Always ensure that the internal temperature of your chicken reaches 165 degrees F, regardless of the cooking time or temperature you use; otherwise, it will be undercooked and potentially hazardous to eat. Before cooking, bring the meat to room temperature.

Roast A Chicken

Individual portions should be left out for 20 minutes, while a full chicken could take up to an hour. Tempering aids in even cooking since it takes less time for the middle of the piece of meat to reach the proper internal temperature if it’s at ambient temperature rather than fridge temperature when you’re ready to cook.

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While timing and temperature are vital, the cooking times and temperatures listed in recipes are only suggestions. The more experience and competence you gain in the kitchen, the more equipped you will be to alter your approach to get the desired outcomes.


Roasted chicken is one of those chicken dishes that everyone loves. The juicy and spicy flavour it has is enough to bring water to anyone’s mouth. But, a lot of people are afraid to try making roasted chicken at home as they don’t know the right time for which chicken should be roasted.

Once you are well aware of the right duration of time to roast a chicken, you will win everyone’s heart with your delicious roasted chicken recipe. So, now that you know how long chicken should be roasted, there won’t be any problem in coming up with a mouthwatering roasted chicken dish.



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