How Long To Cook Cannabutter In Crockpot (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 3 hours

The cannabis product should be added once the butter would start melting. The whole process would take around 3 hours as you have to extract the THC from Cannabis (finely ground). Some people may cook the cannabutter in less time as compared to others. The simmering process is the most time taking process.

The simmering of the cannabis product for a few hours (2-3 hours). When the simmering process goes on, the person is supposed to stir the mixture continuously. It’s not true that everybody has to cook the butter for hours but cook it till the fat comes in. The cannabutter would mainly be of yellow colour (due to the plant products).

If people want the dark colour of the butter, then they may use the buds in the cooking process.

How Long To Cook Cannabutter In Crockpot

How Long To Cook Cannabutter In Crockpot?

Cannabutter In CrockpotHow Long To Cook Cannabutter In Crockpot
Minimum cooking time2 hours
Maximum cooking time3 to 4 hours

The colour of the cannabutter would be different. Many people use resins that will bring a change in colour. The resin and buds can make the colour of the cannabutter darker. The cannabutter could not last for more than a few weeks. The shelf life of cannabutter is extremely less, as it is entirely plant-based butter.

The cannabutter is a great choice for vegan people who can’t have a lot of options for butter. You can customise the butter according to your choice. People can make it salted or unsalted according to their diet requirements. Before preparing the cannabutter, you have to decarb (decarboxylate) the flowers (cannabis).

The decarb process is vital for good and high-quality butter. If the body skips the decarb step, then it would be a thing of worry for getting a poor quality butter. The potency of the cannabutter would not be decided by its colour. The potency of the cannabutter could be decided by the THC. The THC trim will decide how much potency would per teaspoon of cannabutter have.

The THC trim 12 percentage with the infusion would give 10mg potency for each teaspoon of cannabutter. If the buds are used with 20 percentage THC then the potency would be 25 mg (THC) for each teaspoon.

Why It Takes This Long To Cook Cannabutter In Crockpot?

The pot butter would be very strong if you choose the right type of weed for it. If someone is having a low tolerance capacity for the butter, then reduce the intake and use of the butter. The butter would be quite strong as compared to the other butter. Therefore, be careful while adding cannabutter to the diet.

The process takes a lot of time but needs very less ingredients. The ingredients required for making cannabutter are butter and cannabis flower. You only need some mason jars with a normal crockpot. It’s simple to make the cannabutter with the cannabis flower strain. The person making it should have some patience as the stirring process is quite long.

People in the cannabis culinary world would be able to make this butter in less time, but not less than 2 hours. The quantity of butter is another factor to affects the time required for making the butter. If some want to make some amazing cannabis recipes, then begin with the cannabis butter. Butters making are always time taking and it’s not a new thing for cannabis.

The best part about cannabis butter is that it can be used in a versatile way. People can use cannabis butter as a substitute for many other butter involved dishes. Just follow any basic guidelines to void the product getting bad. There are no specific rules to follow while making the cannabutter. Therefore making cannabutter may take differnt times for different people.

People can use their techniques and expertise to make some outstanding and top-quality cannabutter.


The process involved in making cannabutter is long but not difficult. You should follow the correct techniques for not making an error in the cannabutter-making process. The cannabutter could not be stored for a long time so use it in the required time.



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