How Long Does Cannabutter Last (And Why)?

How Long Does Cannabutter Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Six Months

Butter is a co-dairy product, which when added to any food, makes it much more delicious. No doubt, some varieties of butter are fattening. But everyone loves it.

Cannabutter (or weed butter), as the name suggests, is a combination of butter and cannabis (Marijuana). The butter is used mainly for the purpose of making edibles (cannabis-infused) such as brownies and cookies.

The main problem that is faced by many is- For how long the cannabutter stays in proper condition? Because no one wants to get their money wasted this way. Also, this butter has a shorter life than the usual butter because these are infused with CBD flowers.

How Long Does Cannabutter Last

How Long Does Cannabutter Last?

Many people like cannabutter. It is used in a variety of dishes. But many times we are confused as to how long cannabutter lasts. In the general case, this butter lasts for about a few weeks.

If the batch of butter is stored in the right manner, protected from sunlight and all such stuff, it can last for up to 6 months. And the time is not going to bring any change to its potency/working power.

Storing cannabutter or cannabis-infused edibles in a refrigerator is the best a person can do. Doing this can increase the shelf-life of the butter by more than the expiry date mentioned on the bottle.

And in case you are not sure if the butter is consumable or not, check for the presence of any mold and stinky/rancid smell. You can also opt to reheat the butter at about 212F to kill the presence of any bacteria.

Cannabutter is known to aid/provide relief in cancer-related symptoms and improve the sleep cycle. However, overconsumption of it might be harmful. So, it is very important to look, if the butter has gone rancid or if it is consumable.

Storing the butter in ice trays and freezing it is another way that can make it last longer than usual.

In freezerUp to 6 months
Normal conditions4 weeks

Why Does Cannabutter Last So Long?

A time period of 6 months is the most a person can expect this butter to last. There are many reasons why the butter lasts for only this time duration.

When kept under normal conditions, the butter lasts for about 3 weeks. On the other hand, when the butter is refrigerated, it lasts for 6 months or more. It might even prolong the mentioned expiry date.

The other reason why cannabutter lasts so long is the storage bottle in which it is kept. If the lid of the container is not tight enough, it may spoil the butter. The reason being the butter might come in contact with the outside temperatures. Also, if the butter was kept in the refrigerator, the process of condensation may take place. Thus, spoiling the butter.

One way to seal the butter is by wrapping it in parchment paper and storing it in some glass bottle or jar. Make sure the jar is then wrapped in some opaque bag to protect it from sunlight, etc.

There is a number of factors that lead to the spoilage of this butter. The major one being unwanted exposure to heat/light. The second one being exposed to moisture, etc. The third one comes out to be contamination caused by bugs/bacteria.

One thing to keep in mind is, whenever using the butter, cut it with a clean knife/spoon. And if you see a mold forming on the butter, it’s time to put the butter in the dustbin. Also, any rancid taste indicates that the butter is no more up for consumption.


Cannabutter can be used to make a variety of eatable items such as cake, muffins, bread, and much more. Anything that requires cooking with butter can also be made substituted with this butter.

If placed in the freezer, the butter is known to last for about 6 months. However, it is advisable to consume it before this time as the fats present may turn rancid even when the butter is in the refrigerator. When the butter is placed normally, away from sunlight or any moisture, it’ll last for about 4 weeks.

In a nutshell, the butter will last for 6 months or so if stored in a proper manner and in a hygienic way.  



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