How Long To Cook London Broil (And Why)?

How Long To Cook London Broil (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 20-25 minutes

London broil is a dish. It is a dish that is made from beef. It is a tough cut of beef. Be

ef is marinated and is then cut into thin slices. That’s why it is referred to as flank steak.

The name of the dish may suggest that the place of this might be London. But it is not. The dish has been originated in North America. It became extremely famous in 1950 and 1960.

This dish is easy to make, pocket friendly, and is perfect as any meal. It is high on energy and other nutrients. Its calorie count is 190. It contains 50% of iron, 9% of calcium and is also rich in vitamins.

How Long To Cook London Broil

How Long To Cook London Broil?

To make London Broil is easy. It is thin slices of meat marinated with a liquid mixture of spice and seasoning then broil in the oven. Marinating is done to tenderize the meat. The acid present in the marinate mixture makes the meat tender by changing the surface texture of the meat. It adds not only taste but also moisture to the meat so it does not get dry on cooking. Following steps have to be followed to prepare London Broil-

  1. Put the piece of flesh on the cutting board and make diamond-shaped cuts in it.
  2. Marinate the beef using a liquid mixture of seasonings like salt, pepper, etc.
  3. Set the oven to broil. Brush some oil on the upper side of the flesh and put it to broil for 5 minutes.
  4. Now brush the other side and broil that side as well until brown colour appears.

The period of cooking London Broil depends on the thickness of the slice. Usually, London Broils are the most tender slices. The following table shows how long does it take to cook slices of different size-

Size Of The SliceTime
1-1.5 inches20 minutes
2 inches22-25 minutes

Why Does London Broil Take This Long To Cook?

London broil takes less time to get prepared when compared to other meat. The time duration depends a lot on the thickness of the slice of beef. The exact cooking time depends on the thickness, length and temperature of the meat. A slice of 1 inch takes approximately 20 minutes to get cooked.

The best way to know if the meat is done or not is by using a meat thermometer. After cooking, London broil comes in different forms. These forms are called as rare,medium-rare and medium.

Rare refers to the meat that’s been cooked for a very shorter duration of time and its centre is left red. The 125 degrees thermometer refers that the London broil is ready. For rare medium(having pink centres) the temperature is anywhere between 135 degrees and for medium(grey centre), it is 145 degrees.


London broil is a name given to a lean muscle cut of beef. This cut of meat is hard and that’s why it is marinated for 8-24 hours to make it more tender and soft. Marinating it for too long is also bad as the meat will turn very chewy after doing this. Other names used for this meat are top-round steak, flank steak, etc.

The typical cut of beef includes top round steak, chuck shoulder steak, flank steak, etc. The preparation of this dish involves marinating the meat for a few hours and then broiling it. Even though marinating the meat takes a longer period but the cooking is quite instant. It just needs 10-20 minutes to get the meat cooked and served. It can be broiled or grilled outdoors.

The best temperature that is considered to cook London broil is 400 degrees as it takes only 5-7 minutes for the dish to get prepared. The only thing to keep in mind is that the meat doesn’t get overcooked as it will lead to extreme drying of meat. London Broil when cooked and marinated properly is the best dish. It is indeed very delicious and pocket friendly.


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