How Long To Observe After Concussion (And Why)?

How Long To Observe After Concussion (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 24 hours

A brain injury is caused due to a heavy blow to the head. Sometimes, it is also caused when someone is badly injured on the forehead. Sometimes, even violent shaking of the head and body is known as concussion. This may be noticed in cases of mild blows to the head. The patient may lose his senses and consciousness in some cases. This may even lead to some more cognitive symptoms which last for few days.

Symptoms may include loss of memory, nausea, headache, loss of concentration, dizziness, sleepiness, and extreme fatigue. So for this, after concussion doctors advise to keep patients under observation to have an update on their health improvement report, through which they decide whether the patient is well or not.

How Long To Observe After Concussion

How Long To Observe After Concussion?

As per the doctor’s assumption24-48 hours
Slightly injured person24 hours
Seriously injured person48 hours

You may need to be hospitalized overnight after a concussion under the doctor’s supervision for getting time-to-time reports of patients. In case the injury is not severe, then the doctors may allow keeping the patient under the supervision of any close person or hired nurse at their home.

The work of caretakers is to look after you to check whether the symptoms aren’t worsening. If the symptoms start worsening then the patient should be moved to a hospital in the emergency ward. They should also try to wake the patient after one or two hours to check that they are having a normal peaceful sleep or not.

The slightly injured persons show fewer symptoms like dizziness or fatigue. Most probably they become unconscious and their body needs rest for which they feel sleepy after continuous medication. The seriously injured persons show symptoms like memory loss, loss of concentration, etc. They suffer from different kinds of trauma, due to which they feel unsafe even in hospitals and even in their home. Partial memory loss also occurs and the patient sticks on to a particular situation last occurred before some period. These patients need to be kept under observation at hospitals for 48-72 hours till they get normal to their conditions and don’t panic.


For diagnosis, there are various steps. Firstly, the condition of the patient will be evaluated by the doctor. Then, neurological tests such as vision, hearing, and other ability tests are conducted. Following this, other cognitive tests are also conducted. The last step is the X-ray and other imaging tests. the observation along with the analysis of results would be evaluated.

Why Should One Observe So Long After Concussion?

Before discussing further on this topic, we should know that the observation depends on the doctor and the patient’s condition. Sometimes the injury is not that severe but due to the nervousness of the patient their health conditions start worsening and it results in shock. Sometimes due to responsible citizens even after serious injuries, they don’t get panic and handles the situation calmly which results in speedy recovery than the expected days. So overall the observation period probably depends upon the calm and patient nature of a person.

Nowadays everyone stays busy and remains in doubt thinking whether they can look after their near and dear ones after such injury or not. So to avoid these most of the time peoples prefer to admit them to the hospital without thinking of the medical charges. So that the patient can get more attention and care from nurses and also will be under the guidance of doctors.

The worsening of the symptoms sometimes even worsen more due to the age factor, or whether due to which the patient had to suffer more in this pain. After all, the care and true spirit of a doctor always encourage the patient and they recover soon. The next important thing is while being under observation the patient must be going under medication. So the reaction and impact are being noticed. So observation is vital.


Concussions may be painful for some. But with proper aftercare steps and routine, one can recover quickly. One should be very careful in case the injury is around the region of the head. The proper dressing should also be done regularly. One should also keep in mind to regularly observe the affected region and notice the changes.


The Head is the most sensitive part of the human body. Where small to small injuries may cause large symptoms and more impact on the body. During this period, the body experiences pain, weakness, frustration, confusion, and irritation also. So a friendly environment is created at hospitals following a healthy diet after concussion when the patients are under observation.

The injuries to the head should be well taken care of. The doctor should be consulted regularly. In some cases the person may observe any kind of complications. The possible complications include swelling or deposition of blood. In such situations, the symptoms should be informed to the doctor.



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