How Long After Whitening Strips Can I Eat (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 24 – 72 hours

Teeth are the most important body part of the human body. It helps in chewing, also in several processes. It is made up of a calcareous shell. Sometimes in some people, we can spot yellow or unhealthy teeth or even unrestored teeth. So, they prefer teeth whitening. Hence, Teeth whitening is important for those people. Patients suffering from problems with yellowed teeth get the best results after teeth whitening. 

This procedure is acceptable to everyone but unfortunately, it doesn’t suit every tooth type. There are various products recommended by dentists such as whitening toothpaste, gels and strips, rinses, whiteners of different types, and even in-office whitening solutions. Whichever product is chosen by the patient, all the effectiveness of these whitening processes depends on the staining of the teeth and the advice of the dentist. 

How Long After Whitening Strips Can I Eat

How Long After Whitening Strips Can I Eat?

After whitening strips24-72 hours
Time is taken for using whitening strips30 minutes

The tooth has been divided into some parts. One of them is tooth enamel. It is the part of the tooth that protects the nerves present in the teeth. So, the enamel is the most affected part of the tooth by the foods and drinks we consume. The enamel changes from white to yellow due to the accumulation of plaque and sometimes due to stained foods and drinks. 

The main three elements are responsible for teeth staining are the acids, tannins, and chromogens present in the foods. So those elements are avoided after teeth whitening. It is found to be challenging to go without some of our favorite foods or daily foods that contain those substances. Dentists advise them to avoid such foods and beverages completely for up to 72 hours after a teeth whitening procedure. 

After the teeth whitening procedure, it’s seen that teeth are completely porous and can easily absorb colored substances from foods and beverages we consume. So, it’s very much important to avoid such foods after such a procedure because it may not give the exact result we want after the procedure to prevent staining. 

Tooth Extraction

To have a choice on the diet after teeth whitening treatment is hard for most people to decide. This is especially hard for those people who are choosy and specific to some food. They will face problems in adopting the new food schedule recommended by the doctor. This may also result in degradation of health. So, dentists can prescribe and recommend the patients to some food items of their choice which don’t contain those agents after a whitening treatment. So discussing this also provides vital information about this treatment and procedure. 

Why Can I Eat So Long After Whitening Strips?

Dentists especially recommend that we avoid stained dishes, such as foods and beverages. So we know to consume white foods, before that we should list out the dish’s name. Generally, heavy foods are discouraged by the dentists after the treatment. So a simple rule we can keep in mind is that, if a dish can stain our white shirts then it can stain our white teeth. So if we have a look back then a wide number of the dish is colored and is needed to be avoided after a whitening treatment.  

So if we talk of a list of food and beverages to be avoided are Chocolate which includes mostly dark chocolate, Colored fruits mostly as blueberries, Fruit juice, Red wine, Tea, Coffee, Tomato sauce, Turmeric and curry, Soya sauce and most importantly Dark beer. As we have discussed the list, that is to be avoided. We need to create a best diet plan by selecting items needed for your health. Select items as per your health level , you can also take advice of nutritionists.

Eating Fruit

Especially, for breakfast, we can go for Egg whites, Plain yogurt, Bagel, White tea, Apple juice, and Porridge. At lunch, we can opt for Sandwiches, Rice and vegetables, Clear soups, White cheese, Pasta, and Cream sauce. These are light but healthy for teeth. At dinner, we mostly go for Chicken, Turkey, Whitefish, Potatoes, White pizza with cream sauce, Cauliflower, Snacks, Chips, Pears, Bananas, Pretzels, and Crackers. Proper aftercare measures should be followed for this.


We can follow the most announced way of looking after our teeth by following the white diet after the teeth whitening treatment. So it is most essential to prepare a white food list to maintain our diet to protect our teeth from staining. Most of the foods that we should prefer for eating after teeth whitening are white healthy foods. 

Specifically, the food items like chicken, rice, or baked dishes don’t contain strong colored elements and are healthy. We should keep a note that the whitening of teeth is not a permanent solution for white teeth. When people expose their teeth to foods and drinks they cause staining.


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