How Long Would Derek Chauvin Get In Jail (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 22.5 years

On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd, an African- American, was acclaimed to have used a false $20 bill. After which, he was put down with handcuffs with an officer on his back and neck, Derek Chauvin.

During this harsh mayhem, George Floyd, as a result of the suffocating, breathed his last breath. It is how Derek Chauvin, one among the four officers, was charged with the murder case of George Floyd.

Based on a video that surfaced later, it is claimed that Derek performed this act without any logic. Putting both his knees, one on George’s back and the other on his neck, he pushed his weight on him, which made him suffocate to death.

How Long Would Derek Chauvin Get In Jail

How Long Would Derek Chauvin Get In Jail (And Why)?

Maximum time period for third degree murders behind the bars40 years
Duration for which Derek would stay in the bars (minimum)22.5 years
Duration for which Derek would stay in jail (at maximum)30 years

Earlier, the prosecutors wanted Derek to face bars for a minimum of 30 years. However, the judge, Peter Cahill, although they couldn’t go for 30 years, sentenced 22 1/2 years imprisonment on Derek.

After a lengthy 15 day hearing and examining an equal to 38 witnesses, Derek was declared guilty. He also condolences by uttering words similar to “some peace of mind” for George’s family.

Based on second-degree unintentional murder and third-degree murder, Chauvin was put behind bars. Even though a person’s criminal history is clean, anyone with one of these charges would be in jail at least for 12.5 years.

According to state law, a person with second-degree murder is charged with 40 years imprisonment. Although Chauvin was wouldn’t get in with 40 years of bars, but Cahill had extended the 12.5 years.

Despite the prosecutor’s demand for maximum imprisonment, Chauvel would get 30 years behind bars. In addition to that, Chauvin would, however, spend 2/3rd of his imprisonment based on his excellent behavior, if any. After that, he would serve the rest with parole.

Why Would Derek Chauvin Get In Jail For So Long?

Derek Chauvin was a police officer of the Minneapolis Police Department. From his serving years in the police department from 2001, he gained popularity in 2020.

He was one of the four officers whose uniforms were used in the wrong way. Besides the several medals which he earned in various fields, he had a dark character somewhere. A total of 18 complaints of misconduct were against his name. Some of which involved cruelty to black people.

The officers were removed from their job on the following day. However, Chauvin being on the severe side, had to face the consequences. The videos which surfaced on the internet made Chauvin a murderer.

He was then arrested on May 29th the same year. Following his arrest, he was accused of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

According to the laws of Minnesota, third-degree murder is an act of causing anybody’s death without meaning to. Second-degree manslaughter signifies as same as the act of murder with a severe threat of death even though not meaning.

Based on all these witnesses, videos, and words of prosecutors, he was sentenced to 22.5 years despite the repeated demand. He was the first-ever white officer who was convicted of the murder of a black person.

The first officer to have sentenced this long period behind the jail for the murder of a black human. This act of his raised outrages on Minnesota and several other streets, which excited the case to extreme heights. This outrage also added to his long imprisonment to some extent.


Had Chauvin been in control that summer day, Floyd would have been alive today. All the loathings in Chauvin’s heart drove him to impose such cruelty on Floyd, which snatched the very life out of his own body.

The critical part being, there was no favorable outcome even though the communities are separate. Floyd being innocent, lost his life. Chauvin also had to pay for it. Thus the loathing in our hearts should understand that hatred brings nothing to our doorsteps except chaos.

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