How Long Can They Hold You In Jail For A Parole Violation (And Why)?

How Long Can They Hold You In Jail For A Parole Violation (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 2 years

Parole allows the prisoners to get out of the state jail before the release date. People who are convicted of felonies may get realized early under parole. There is some type of convictions where parole can be given. The most important requirement is the “indeterminate sentence”. The indeterminate sentence would be mostly around 2 to 4 years.

Other determinate sentences are not eligible for parole. Any sentence which specifically mentions that there will not be any chance of parole is not eligible for parole. The time for how long the prisoners will be in jail depends on various factors.

Some prisoners may have to go to jail for parole violations for around 60 days. The time would be decided on the basis of the crime and the violation.


How Long Can They Hold You In Jail For A Parole Violation?

Parole ViolationTime
Minimum time6 months
Maximum time2 years

After the “parolee” gets out of jail, the parolee is supposed to follow a few rules of parole. If the parolee fails to do any responsibilities given under parole privilege, then this would call for a parole violation. The person would be under parole supervision even after getting out of jail.

No people should consider parole as a right, but as a privilege to few prisoners. Parole allows the prisoners to reintegrate into society under few conditions. Not all laws give the privilege of parole. There will be some crimes where parole can be granted. The parole hearing would be the process to get the parole.

If any authority denies giving parole to a prisoner, then there will be a chance of a second parole hearing after some years. The state laws would be elaborating which convictions can come under the parole privilege. The state laws allow parole to the prisoners who have a long sentence against them.

The state laws would also state which convictions are not under the privilege of parole. The prisoners must get eligible for parole. The prisoner would have to be there during the parole hearing. After the parole hearing is completed, the prisoner would be able to live in society.

Why Can They Hold You In Jail For A Parole Violation For This Long?

The parole board plays a vital role and is responsible for reviewing the parole case. After the review is done by the parole board, the whole board would again review the matter. After all the procedure is complete, the prisoners would be given parole. The parole violation is a big mistake that the prisoner will do.

The parole violation may put the person in jail for around 6 to 24 months. The prisoners would be supervised by the parole officer with prison authority. If the officer or prison authority finds any violation of guidelines or rules done by the person, the person would be put in jail.

The person should not be involved or do any type of criminal activity after getting out of jail under parole privilege. The prisoner should not get involved in drug or alcohol cases. The person should avoid having drugs or alcohol. The person is not allowed to leave the specific area without getting permission from the parole officer.

The parole officer should be informed about any changes happening to the prisoner’s life. The prisoner would have to get employed after entering society. Maintaining a residence is a vital condition for any prisoners under parole.

The person would be in jail if the person violates any condition of parole. According to the parole system, the person is supposed to be in contact with the parole officer in required intervals. Sometimes, the parole officer would enter the house of the person without informing them about the visit.

This surprise visit may occur mainly when the parole officer gets any information about the person violating the conditions of parole.


The parolee should try to live up to the conditions of parole. Sometimes, a little mistake can call for imprisonment. The time of imprisonment will be decided by the authority. The parole officer would inform the board about any violation done by the parolee.

The board would check the intensity of the violation to decide the time period the parolee would be in jail for parole violation.


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