How Long Would Dumbledore Have Lived (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 115 Years

Albus Dumbledore, popularly recognized as principal Dumbledore. He was one of the central characters in the Harry Potter series of movies and books. Being an influential wizard, he had an extended life of up to 115 years. 

He was born in the year eighteen hundred eighty-one (1881) in a traditional wizarding household and had two other siblings. The month of August was when he (Dumbledore) was born. He breathed his last in the year nineteen hundred ninety-seven (1997), offering up himself the date being the 30th of June. 

He was half-blood, which implied one of his parents was human, and the other was a magic practitioner. He was also a professor, he taught the subject – ‘Defence Against Dark Arts’, and also transfiguration.  

How Long Would Dumbledore Have Lived

How Long Would Dumbledore Have Lived? 

J. K. Rowling150 years (approximately)
Calculations155 years

Most of the wizards who were like Dumbledore can live up to a pretty ripe age. Sometimes even crossing 200 years. Dumbledore, however, didn’t make himself immortal. 

He was affected by a curse that came from the ring of Marvolo Gaunt. Once affected by this curse, he would have eventually died within a year. However, later he sacrificed himself.  He asked Severus to kill him. This was a tactic to make Voldemort believe that Severus was on his side. He knew that he would die anyhow, and sacrificing himself was for the best, as he reasoned.

He had a long life of up to 115 years. He was born in the year eighteen hundred eighty-one (1881) in a traditional wizarding household and had two other siblings. The month of August was when he (Dumbledore) was born. 

He breathed his final in the year nineteen hundred ninety-seven (1997). If seen in general, his lifespan was quite long as he had faced so many mortal magical combats. Some wizards who were his friends lived for as long as he did. Some wizards had a longer life. 

Albus, who did have the ‘Three Deathly Hallows’,  would have mastered death. However, one of those was the cloak that granted invisibility. This was given to Harry as a gift. So Dumbledore could never become “The Master of Death”. 

Why Would Dumbledore Have Lived For So Long?

Albus was a powerful magic practitioner, and all people of his kind have a long life. Albus was even fit to live longer if he hadn’t been hit by the curse in the first place. The only reason for his fourth way, when he found the ring of Marvolo Gaunt. This ring afflicted him with a curse. The really powerful curse could kill anyone who dared to wear the ring. As Albus wore it, the curse got activated and would have killed him soon. 

However, Dumbledore was intelligent. He asked Severus to murder him. He aimed to make Voldemort believe that Snape was on his side. As he would have died anyway, this action of his helped Potter in the later part. 

Also as he practiced magic, there was magic contained within his body. In the world of magic, if a person is a wizard or witch, they tend to live longer. The magic acts as an elixir and grants them a long life. They do not get any disease that normally affects other humans. This is the logic that is used in the series. Yet another reason can be – because Dumbledore never lost any fight. 

He was so strong that no wizard was able to defeat him. He used his magical elixir that flowed throughout his body and combined it with strength and knowledge. This is how he lived to be a hundred and fifteen, not getting any form of illness. 


Dumbledore was one of Rowling’s favorite characters. With an amazing development and charming personality, he was considered the epitome of virtues. A constant ally of Potter, he knew what Harry’s gang was up to. He started helping Harry from the very beginning by giving him the cloak that gave the power of invisibility. 

As a sorcerer, he represented Gryffindor. This house encompassed Potter and his whole squad. He had an affection for sweet delights and frequently acted generously around his pupils. All across the board, he was a role model for the students of his school and a well-liked personality among the observers. 


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