How Long Has A Person Ever Lived (And Why)?

How Long Has A Person Ever Lived (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 122 Years, 164 Days

It is surprising that there are people who have lived in this world beyond their expectations. The oldest person ever lived was a French person named Jeanne Calment. But, the oldest verified person ever lived was a man from Japan named Jiroemon Kimura (116 years and 54 days).

If the French had to be verified then I am sure he would have been the oldest person to have lived on earth. However, there are people living more than 125 years and they record their names in the world records. But, the main question is how do they live that long even if the normal life expectancy is not more than 70-80 years.

How Long Has A Person Ever Lived

How Long Has A Person Ever Lived?

Jeanne Calment (Unverified)122 years and 164 days
Jiroemon Kimura (Verified)116 years and 54 days

If you search on the internet about this particular topic then you will see the above two cases showing. However, there could be many unknown or unrecorded cases where people have lived to be more than their life expectancy.

However, there has to be some logic behind this surprisingly living beyond their life expectancy. Certain habits like eating habits and other such kinds of things could determine most of the things in such cases.

It has got a history because in the olden days there were people who used to live at least a hundred years. Then, one could expect that how their lifestyle was and therefore that kind of lifestyle helped them live much longer.

Today’s generation is into digital kinds of stuff but before people did not have any such things. With people being more and more advanced their life expectancy is decreasing day by day. However, if you try to live like the olden days then there is a chance that you can even live more than a hundred years.

Several studies and researches have been done on the above situations. People have found that people of our generation could live up to 52.5 years. But, the average has come to 72. In the year 2016, a baby girl was expected to live just 42 years whereas a baby boy till 40 years.

Why A Person Has Lived That Long?

There could be several reasons why a person has lived that long. Surprisingly, people have yet to find out many more who could have been lived more than 122 years. As mentioned earlier certain habits could also help determine why and how people lived that long.

Say suppose you live a healthy life and have all the good habits in you then you could expect to live longer that way. People who are into bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol excessively then those people could die much faster. Well, that is a common thought as to why people lived a hundred years.

You might have noticed people who were in the army or some kind of stuff have lived long enough to tell their stories to their grandkids. Several channels have broadcasted their stories about how they played a part in the world war and lived more than 95 years.

However, there is a difference between the terms ‘life expectancy’ and ‘lifespan’. The meaning of life expectancy is that the statistic for the average length of survival of a living thing. Whereas, on the other hand, lifespan means how long an individual of living beings can live.

There are people who have died young and this is called premature death. The records of premature deaths are only taken into account when researchers and policymakers attempt to increase the life expectancy of a particular country.


In the end, people need to stay fit and healthy no matter how long they live. If you try to break the world record then you need to stay healthy and fit no matter what. But, living healthy does not mean you can break the world record.

There are certain factors that could determine the lifespan. I am sure you know what habits are good and what habits are bad. Therefore, you decide you should change your lifestyle and want to live healthily or not. However, if you try to live like the olden days then there is a chance that you can even live more than a hundred years.


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