How To Make Long Island Iced Tea (And Why)?

How To Make Long Island Iced Tea (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5 minutes

You can prepare the island iced tea if you have all the ingredients at your home. Making island iced tea is extremely easy, but you have to prepare it correctly. Many folks have island iced tea in their diets, as it makes up the mood. Island iced tea is the best companion in summers. If you follow all the steps of preparation correctly, then you can prepare some refreshing island iced tea.

The most important part about island iced tea is the preparation. The preparation of island iced tea is very easy but needs some techniques to be followed. You can do many changes and modifications to make your tea more riveting. You can add some ingredients to enhance the flavors of island iced tea.

How To Make Long Island Iced Tea

How To Make Long Island Iced Tea?

Type Of Island Iced TeaPreparation Time
Island iced tea5 minutes
Blue long island tea7 minutes

The whole preparation time for island iced tea is around 5 minutes. It may be prepared within 3 to 4 minutes depending on the speed of the person making it. The island tea is one of the easiest and most refreshing drinks to start your day with.
People that stay extremely busy with their work schedules can find this tea extremely easy to make.

The island iced tea can help your body in many ways but has many repercussions at the same time. The drink is made up of using many alcoholic drinks that many may not find friendly. Alcoholic drinks mean a high amount of calories, and this could be a problem for your body.
The drink can be made using many alcohols such as Vodka, light rum, gin, and many more. All these can fill your body with excess content of calories. The people who love to be fit and in shape should avoid taking island iced tea. People that follow low calories intake diets should stay away from island iced tea.

For preparing island iced tea, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:
Step 1- Choose a perfect clear tall (Collins) glass o and put all the required ingredients in the glass. Don’t put the coke in the clear glass.
Step 2- Make sure you mix all the ingredients properly with the use of a spoon. Put the coke (as per requirement) in the collins clear glass.

Step 3- Your drink is ready. Don’t skip decorating your glass with a slice of lemon to make it more eye-catchy. Serve your outstanding island iced tea.

The most essential part is before you start putting all the ingredients, add a lot of ice cubes in the clear glass.

Why It Takes This Long To Make Island Iced Tea?

Making Island tea will not take more than, 5 minutes. You just have to gather all the required ingredients to make the process smoother. The tea is made using ready-made ingredients, therefore the process is quite easy.

It won’t take much time, as it will not require any cooking process. You can prepare island iced tea using very few ingredients. You can add lime juice to your island iced tea to increase the citrus flavor in your drink. You can always try out your creativity skills to make your island ice tea fancier.

Many people add maple syrup and many other syrups to make their island iced tea more eye-catchy. The tea would be a savior for people that love having different types of alcohol in one single glass.


Island iced tea is much renowned for its taste and looks. The iced tea looks extremely beautiful with the presentation. if you prepare the authentic island ice tea introduced by Captain Morgan, then it would take 5 to 7 minutes. You can also try making blue long island tea as well. The island iced tea would be strong to some extent. Therefore, be careful while having it.

People that can’t afford the effects of strong alcoholic drinks should avoid the intake of island iced tea. The alcohol content in island ice tea is around 22 percent, so have it at your own risk.



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