How Long To Pressure Cook Chicken (And Why)?

How Long To Pressure Cook Chicken (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 15 minutes

You can use a pressure cooker for making chicken in a very short time. The pressure cooker is the best way to make some outstanding dishes in much lesser time compared to other utensils. People believe that in pressure cookers, you can use less oil to avoid health issues. Many people are confused about how long to cook your chicken in an instant pot or pressure cooker.

Many women trust pressure cookers as the best way to avoid long time taking chicken cooking process. Chicken is not easy to be cooked, as it will take a lot of time. You can use a pressure cooker for enhancing the flavors of chicken and making it in a shorter period. People believe that using other utensils would give a better taste to the chicken.

It’s not true, as it depends on the type of ingredients you are using.


How Long To Pressure Cook chicken?

Types Of Chicken Cooking Time
Simple chicken curryUp to 10 minutes
Chicken with some complex ingredientsUp to 15 minutes

You can pressure cook the chicken for 10 to 15 minutes. The time required for cooking chicken in pressure cook doesn’t take much time. The time may be different for a variety of dishes. It depends on the size and shape of chicken pieces present inside the cooker. Instant pot (or pressure cooker) has become a savior for many beginners in the field of cooking.

Not only for other vegetables, but you can also use a pressure cooker for cooking chicken as well. If the chicken dish is very simple, then it may get cooked in 8 to 10 minutes. If the dish of chicken is complex with many rich ingredients, then the time will be more. You can prepare all the types of recipes to be prepared by the cooker.

You can make most of the chicken dishes in the pressure cooker. In a pressure cooker, the person can’t make a lot of creativity with the food, as in the end, it will all mix up. You can’t experiment with a lot of dishes in the pressure cooker that the only demerit. If you prepare simple chicken with spices, the cooking time in the cooker will be around 10 minutes.

If you try to make it more delicious using some complex ingredients then the time difference will not be more. The whole time required for cooking depends on the pieces of chicken. Some people take chicken breast while others put all the parts of chicken in the cooker. The time of cooking for both would be different, as not all the chicken parts take some time to be cooked.

Why Does It Take This Long To Pressure Cook Chicken?

The chicken is not a simple food to be prepared. Many cooks don’t prefer making chicken in a pressure cooker, as they can’t check how much the chicken is getting cooked. If they use an open utensil to cook chicken, then they can check the food at every step of cooking. This privilege would not be available in the pressure cooker.

No doubt, a pressure cooker would save your hard work and cooking time, but you have to compromise on some other factors.
The taste of pressure cooker’s chicken won’t be and, but would not come similar to the normal cooked chicken in other utensils. The pressure cooker use locks the vapor inside to cook the chicken faster.

The ingredients inside will get cooked within a short time span, as the cooker gets locked entirely. the pressure inside the cooker with the heat would help in cooking the chicken within 15 minutes.


The pressure cooker is a versatile kitchen partner to cook many delicious and easy recipes. Everyone should learn how to use a cooker (or instant pot) before trying out their culinary skills. Not only for chicken, but you can use a pressure cooker for many other rn on vegetarian recipes. A pressure cooker would prepare your chicken with perfect taste and tenderness.
You can try out a pressure cooker for cooking chicken. Make sure to learn all the techniques of cooking, required for the process.


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