How To Store Rice Long Term (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10 To 30 Years

Rice is a staple in most countries, especially Asian ones. It is an excellent source of sustenance, loaded with nutrients. Hence, it is beneficial for both mental and physical health. Rice can last for years in a household, provided that it is stored properly. 

One can preserve white rice for 10 to 30 years. Moreover, the steps to store rice long or short term are not that difficult.  

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How To Store Rice Long Term?

Storage MethodStorage Time
At 40 degrees Fahrenheit, in a bucket or mylar bags10 years
At 70 degrees Fahrenheit, with oxygen absorbers10 years
At low temperature, with oxygen absorbers30 years
Vacuum sealing10 years

Rice is the best food to store as it is cheap and incredibly satiating. Additionally, it is easy to preserve rice for 10s of years. 

White rice can last anywhere from 25 to 30 years if stored properly. On the other hand, brown rice, a healthier alternative to white rice, can only last for six months. 

The factors to keep in mind when stoping rice are -temperature, moisture and storage conditions. The best temperature to store rice grains is 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below. One may also store it at 70 degrees Fahrenheit with oxygen absorbers. These methods allow the rice to last for ten years. 

Rice stored in colder areas with oxygen absorbers easily last for 30 years. Moreover, they even retain their nutrients and flavour. One can store rice in a bucket or mylar bags. The method to do so is as follows. 

Firstly, one must make sure to pick a container that is in perfect condition. Use one that has not been used for anything else to prevent cross-contamination. Next, sanitize the bucket with a disinfectant like bleach. If using mylar bags, ensure that the bag does not have any cuts or scratches. Continue if there is no impenetrable air. 

Then, fill the bag or bucket with rice and add an oxygen absorber. Seal it and store it in a cool place. 

One may also store rice in a vacuum-sealed bag, preserving the rice for up to 10 years. This method is an alternative if oxygen absorbers are not available. One can place the food in its original packing inside the mylar bag with a hole in it. Then vacuum seals it to remove all oxygen. One must take care not to damage the mylar bag, as even the smallest knick will put the food at risk.

To further prolong the lifespan of rice, one may freeze white rice at 4 degrees Celcius or below. Frozen uncooked white rice will last for 30 years.

For short term supply, one must store rice in an airtight container. Not opened it frequently prevents moisture from getting in and spoiling the food. Rice will last five years with this method. Additionally, one may use mason jars as an inexpensive option.

Why Can Rice Be Stored For Long Term?

These methods prevent the rice from getting spoilt as they do not allow contact with air or moisture. 

While vacuum bags help to prolong the shelf life of rice, it is not impenetrable. They will eventually allow moisture and air through. Therefore, it can only preserve rice for ten years. Additionally, oxygen absorbers kill bugs and prolong storage without freezing.

Freezing can completely halt microbe growth, therefore rice stores for longer. 


Rice is an incredibly versatile dish that one can use for a variety of different things. In addition, it is healthy and can help reduce the risk of a heart attack and other disorders. It can also help control cholesterol. Hence, one needs to be conscious of how it is stored for it not to spoil. 

One can use different methods to prolong the shelf life of the food, including vacuum sealing and using oxygen absorbers. One may also store uncooked rice in the freezer. These methods allow one to the extent of the shelf life to ten and even 30 years. 



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