How Long Can You Store Weed (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 to 2 years

Weed is a popular term used to refer to cannabis, also called marijuana. This is drug finds great significance in recreational and medicinal purposes. Although its property as a recreational drug is well known, it was its medicinal properties that made it well known since ancient times.

As a drug, weed gives rise to depressing, stimulating, and hallucinating effects upon intake. Its intake leads to effects like change in moods, feeling energetic, impaired short-term memory, euphoria, and experiencing difficulty concentrating. It can also lead to anxiety, delusions, paranoia, and an increase in appetite of the person.

How Long Can You Store Weed

How Long Can You Store Weed?

Percentage of THC lostTime taken
16 percent THC1 year
26 percent THC2 year
34 percent THC3 year
41 percent THC4 year

Weed is made up of more than 483 psychoactive compounds which give the plant its special properties. Some of its major compounds are Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the principal cannabinoid and the contents of this compound in a drug changes with time.

Being the principal component of weed, THC imparts to it the basic properties that make weed much sought after. Many pieces of research have been conducted in this field regarding the various aspects of the drug. These researches have also shown the span for the weed can be stored safely.

According to researches, a certain percentage of THC is lost with the passage of time. In the first year of the storage of the weed, about 16 percentage of the total THC content present in the drug at the storage time gets lost. However, this has a very less effect on the total power of the drug and the weed would still be very effective.

Till the second year of weed storage, about one-quarter of THC is lost. Moreover, if it is further stored, the total THC content would reduce and about 34 percent would be lost in just three years. This would result in a drastic loss of aroma and potency.

If the weed is stored for a year ore, the THC content shall further deplete and the weed will no longer give the same effects when consumed. In such a case, it would be of not much use.

Why Can You Store Weed For So Long?

The effective and long life of weed is subject to a list of factors. Humidity, light, and temperature are the main factors of concern regarding cannabis. If these conditions are very favorable, the weed can last longer than expected from them.

Humidity is one of the main facets that determine the life of the weed. When weed is kept in conditions of high humidity, it is prone to hazards like rotting and the growth of mold. If ingested, such drugs can make a person very sick. Ideally, they should be stored between a humidity level of 59 percent to 63 percent, but maintaining this level is a tough task.

Another factor that impacts the potency of the drug is the light in the surroundings of storage. UV rays of the light have the capacity to break down the components of the weed; THC and CBD. Therefore, they should better be stored in a dark place to have a long and effective life.

Temperature is also a considerable factor in this process. It also has the same effect as those of the light and can deplete the aroma and potency of the drug sooner. Thus, apart from being dark, the storage condition should also be cooler.


Weed, Cannabis, Marijuana, whatever one may call it, can be stored best in its full potential only for a period of six months to a year. With the passage of time, there is a general decrease in the chemical composition of the drug as they break down. There is a significantly important decrease in THC concentration which makes it last shorter.

The effective life of the weed is a byproduct of the issues like the humidity, light, and temperature at the storage facility. If these factors are favorable, there will be a longer life but if these are unfavorable, it will decrease the effective life of the drug.



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