How Long To Recharge The Master Sword (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10 minutes

The action-adventure game titled ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ was developed by the gaming giant Nintendo in 2017. The Zelda timeline serves as a backdrop for this game. It is a continuation of the preceding narratives in the Zelda series.

The gamer assumes the role of Link who has recently awoken from a 100-year slumber and shoulders the responsibility of saving the kingdom of Hyrule by defeating Calamity Ganon. The Master Sword is an essential part of this gaming universe. Unlike other collectibles in the game, the coveted Master Sword is a rechargeable weapon. It is used as a key weapon to extinguish Ganon and seal the realm of darkness.

How Long To Recharge The Master Sword

How Long Does It Take to Recharge the Master Sword

‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ has secured a distinctive space among the multi-tiered ranks of avid gamers because of its unique arsenal of weapons. The key among these formidable and assorted selections is the coveted Master Sword.

A gamer can reach the location of the Master Sword quite easily. He must simply reach the center of The Lost Forests to claim the Master Sword. The gamer must also have 13 full heart containers to claim the Sword. Once it has been claimed, the Master Sword helps the gamer defeat Calamity.

According to the developers of the game, the Master Sword is immune from any form of permanent destruction. It is the sole ammunition needed to permanently secure the realm of darkness.

The Master Sword is a superior and invincible piece of weaponry that can be recharged to effectively boost its energy levels. It does not splinter into thousands of pieces like the other weapons in the game. It simply explodes -as though breaking- only to reappear in the player’s arsenal once it is recharged.

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In the game, the Master Sword is recharged within a short span of time. It takes only 10 minutes of real-time to completely revitalize the energy of the Sword. However, there is a catch in this stipulation. The Master Sword must be allowed to completely deplete its energy reserves, before the process of recharging the weapon commences. The presence of even a marginal amount of residual charge will inhabit the process of the weapon’s revitalization.

In Summary:

Condition of the Master SwordTime Taken to Recharge
Fully Drained10 minutes of real-time

Why Does It Take This Long to Recharge the Master Sword?

The time taken to recharge the Master Sword is comparably minuscule. As a weapon of indestructibility, it is blessed with the ability to be immune from any permanent damage. Players who have successfully acquired the Master Sword once in the in-game universe, do not have to worry about losing it again.

A marginal time frame of 10 minutes of real-time is taken by the Master Sword to revitalize itself. This time is needed for the Sword to effectively recharge its durability as well as its combative capabilities. Without the recharging feature, the Master Sword would be equivalent to any other weapon in the game. The distinctive edge of this mighty weapon would be lost without this definitive feature.

The energy reserves of the Master Sword are drained when Link engages in combative battles against the Calamity Ganon. Once the energy levels of the Sword reach critically low numbers, it must be placed in the player’s arsenal to recharge. However, players must remember to ‘explode’ it before placing it on the pedestal.

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The inventory screen of the game will showcase a message stating that the Master Sword is being recharged. It is also fitted with a 10-minute timer to notify the players about the process of revitalization. Players can use other weapons during the brief interval when the Master Sword is recharging.

Once the 10 minutes of recharge time is over, gamers can reclaim the Master Sword from the pedestal and use it in the battles against Ganon again. In the early versions of the game, there was a shortcut to truncate this revitalization time frame, however, later updates have removed the possibility of doing so.


‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ is a fan-favorite video game. The outstanding status of the game is partially accorded to the brilliance of the Master Sword as a weapon of indestructibility. The Master Sword is a nearly invincible combative weapon made available to the players in the game. It must simply be recharged to reenergize its durability in the gaming narrative.

The 10-minute time frame needed to revitalize the Master Sword is equally reasonable. The player must simply explode the Sword and place it in his arsenal once the red light indicating a drained battery becomes visible. After the brief intermission, the Sword can be reused to combat darkness.



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  1. I don’t see the point in such a long wait time to recharge the Master Sword. It feels like a waste of time and disrupts the flow of the game.

    1. But isn’t it a small price to pay for having such a powerful weapon at your disposal? It’s all about balance in the game.

  2. I appreciate the attention to detail in explaining how the Master Sword works in the game. It adds depth to the gaming experience.

    1. Absolutely, the lore behind the Master Sword is one of the things that make the Zelda games so captivating.

  3. The Master Sword adds an exciting dynamic to the gameplay. I think the 10-minute recharge time is fair considering the sword’s capabilities.

    1. It’s a small price to pay for wielding such a powerful weapon. The wait time builds anticipation and makes the sword feel more valuable.

  4. The wait time to recharge the Master Sword makes the game more challenging and adds an extra layer of strategy. It’s a brilliant game design choice.

  5. I love how the game creators made the Master Sword so powerful and yet so simple to use. The 10-minute wait time for recharging doesn’t even bother me given the benefits of having such a formidable weapon at my disposal.

    1. I totally agree, it adds an extra layer of strategy to the game and makes you appreciate the power of the Master Sword even more.

  6. The Master Sword’s energy recharge time is reasonable given its exceptional powers. It’s a well-balanced game mechanic.

  7. The recharging mechanism of the Master Sword adds complexity to the game. It’s impressive how much thought was put into the game’s design.

    1. The Master Sword’s recharging time is part of what makes the game so immersive and rewarding to play.

  8. I think the 10-minute wait time for recharging the Master Sword is excessive. It interrupts the flow of the game and feels unnecessary.

    1. But think about the impact of having such a powerful, unstoppable weapon at your disposal. It’s a fair trade-off.

  9. I never knew about this game mechanic until now! It’s intriguing to learn about the different aspects of game design and lore.

  10. The unique qualities of the Master Sword make it stand out among other weapons in the game. It’s a testament to the thought put into game design by the developers.

    1. I think the recharging time adds a sense of realism and strategy to the game. It’s a smart design choice.

    2. Definitely, the Master Sword is iconic and its recharging mechanism adds an interesting aspect to the gameplay.

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