How Long A Person Exercises (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 Minutes

A normal person between the ages of 25-30 should be able to exercise for at least half an hour daily. Physical activity is important along with all other things keeping in mind a strict diet too. Some people are not into exercising and other physical activity which will damage their bones and harm their other parts of the body.

Youngsters nowadays are always into digital and other technological stuff. This kind of habit can be very harmful to them in the future. After reaching a certain age they will start to suffer from various kinds of illness. Therefore, maintaining a strict diet and exercising regularly is very important.

How Long A Person

How Long Should A Person Exercise?

Age group between 15-2040-45 minutes
25-3530-35 minutes
Above 4030 minutes

It is compulsory for a normal healthy person to exercise for at least half an hour or more to indulge themselves in some kind of physical activity. It can in the form of walking, jogging, or doing some yoga. Doing yoga is also beneficial for the human body.

Researchers have found that people who do not exercise then those people become deconditioned. The muscles get weak and even the muscles required for breathing becomes weak. Therefore, it could lead to a serious issue if you do not exercise.

On the other hand, maintaining a strict diet is also necessary. Say suppose you exercise regularly either by going for a jog or walking and at the end of the day you consume food products like pizzas, burgers, soft drinks and other such kinds of stuff.

This will not be beneficial at all because your body does not need all those things. Your body will need natural vegetables and fruits like green vegetables, salads, meat, milk, eggs, and other things like that. These foods will give you the required energy that you need to maintain good health.

If you start exercising daily then more and more blood flow will happen inside your body. Therefore, more oxygen will reach to each and every part of your body which is a good thing. You will begin to notice some changes in your skin tone too once you start exercising.

Why Does It Take That Long To Exercise?

Exercising for at least half an hour is the minimum amount of time that you should devote every day for some physical activity. However, different age groups will have different kinds of energy levels. Say suppose you race between an elderly person and a youngster then it is obvious that the youngster will win.

Similarly, according to the age group, the timing for spending doing some kind of activity is also important. An elderly person will not be able to devote more than 20 minutes to do exercise. However, that much time should be enough to keep themselves healthy.

Exercising helps fight several diseases and build a strong immune system. The immune system inside our body helps fight several diseases and therefore exercising your body helps the immune system boosted inside your body.

You can always take the help of an instructor as to which kind of exercises you should perform daily. The instructor will most probably ask you to do some freehand exercises which are the basics of doing exercises. Things like sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, and other kinds of things are things that the instructor might suggest you do.

However, if you think that you don’t need an instructor or a trainer then you can always do things by yourself. Going for a walk for at least half an hour daily is enough to keep everything in line.


In the end, it is your health that matters because you can fall sick anytime if you do not maintain a strict routine. Now, routine means starting from the bottom from sleeping habits to eating till exercising.

Maintain a strict diet because that will give you the required energy and help fight against several diseases. You do not want to fall sick and miss out your work because that would be unnecessary. Start with the basics like walking daily and then do some advanced exercises.

This will help you maintain a healthy body and ultimately there will be less chance of falling sick or getting some kind of disease.


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