How Long Does A Drunk Person Throw Up (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10 Minutes

Drinking is followed by puking in case the normal quantity is exceeded. This is the body’s innate way of signaling that it can’t take any more alcohol content. For people who throw up each time they indulge in drinking episodes, it is highly essential to know the normal duration.

This will definitely help the person control the amount and understand the body’s limits as well. There is nothing dangerous about throwing up after drinking a lot as it is a defense mechanism, but it might be a health hazard in some cases. To keep a check, puking for ten minutes is considered normal.

How Long Does A Drunk Person Throw Up

How Long Does A Drunk Person Throw Up?

An individual’s drinking habits play a huge role in determining the duration of throwing up later on. The body is basically trying to digest and absorb the ethanol content but as it is not possible, all the contents are thrown out. It is assumed that females throw up more than males but no research work or proof has been able to establish it yet.

There are three distinctions based on the body’s tolerance and capacity. Health is also a crucial factor. Drinking leads to more drinking. The most common reason is that an intoxicated person is unaware of how much alcohol intake would be reasonable. A solution to this issue is to keep limited drinking resources in reach. People even begin drinking again after puking for such small durations.

It is quite obvious that excessive drinking will lead to a severe hangover. Though throwing up is not the only issue that constitutes a hangover, it is a major part. Either the person faints due to the inability to stay alert or pukes for short intervals for an hour. This is the average duration and might vary based on remedies used and timely treatment.

Like food poisoning, alcohol poisoning can also turn fatal. This condition arises when alcohol reaches the person’s blood. The absorption process disturbs all the internal mechanisms and disrupts normal bodily functioning. Due to this, the defenses treat the drink as an invasion. Medical help is required in this case.

In summary:

Binge Drinking10 minutes
Severe Hangover50 minutes
Alcohol Poisoning2 hours

Why Would A Drunk Person Throw Up For So Long?

It is worth understanding the reason why people throw up in the first place, after high or low liquor intake. The body can handle only a limited amount as alcohol is not a very palatable beverage. Though some options come with enriching properties, the side effects and disadvantages always outdo the perks.

People who have experienced a sudden urge to puke after drinking would be aware that it is a feel-good experience. That is enough to prove that the extra liquor might be hurting the body internally. Once the person turns sober again, vomiting stops automatically.

The duration is directly proportional to the alcohol intake too. This does not mainly depend on how much one drinks. Different beverages have different alcohol content per milliliter. That’s what leads to the hangover and subsequent throwing up. This is also referred to as the strength of the drink.

For instance, Spirytus Stawski has 96% alcohol content which is the highest known quantity. On the other hand, unfortified wine has only 16% of alcohol. As drinking most often leads to dehydration, going for neat pegs is also associated with long strides of feeling pukish and ultimately leading to that forceful expulsion. Drinking on an empty stomach also increases the risk of throwing up for long.

Apart from this, nauseous experiences might even include headaches, dizziness, and even passing out as a result. If one is unable to stop vomiting, administering antiemetics can be a reliable remedy. Lemonades are also effective, but the immediate relief is not scientifically proven yet.


Mostly, throwing up can be an after-effect of drinking but it is advisable to discontinue further intake of alcohol if this becomes a routine. On the other hand, people with liver abnormalities should take it as a warning sign. The aforementioned durations are apt as per the common experience of people.

As every individual is different, the duration might vary accordingly. Most importantly, getting a check-up done is never a bad idea. As prevention is better than cure, limited alcohol consumption can altogether reduce the puking duration considerably. Drinking is not that hazardous, but excessive drinking can even be fatal.



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