How Long Can A Person Sprint (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 8-9 Seconds

Sprinting is the physical activity of running with maximal pace over a short distance. As it takes more muscular power, the maximum time for sprinting vary from person to person. However, the study has observed that a normal human can still run for 8-9 seconds without losing its speed and breath.

Some of the most common and vital muscles that help in sprinting are the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings. Quadriceps are the muscles present at the front side of the thigh. They support the thigh in moving forward. Hamstrings are the large muscles located at the rear side of the thigh. They coordinate with quadriceps. Glutes are other muscles found at the backside of the thigh. They support the functioning of the quadriceps and hamstrings.

How Long Can A Person Sprint

How Long Can A Person Sprint?

CategoryTime Taken
Normal Humans8-9 seconds
Elite Athletes13-14 seconds

Normal human beings can sprint for 8-9 seconds. A human body is built according to basic health criteria where minimal access to several phenomenon and activities is provided. Anyone can excel these slightest inbuilt traits to expert level through practicing.

Athletes train themselves for hours to gain the ability to become more advance. The average time taken by athletes over a distance of 100 km with a speed of 24km/hr is 14 seconds. And the fastest among them is recorded as 8 seconds. A Sprinter do various workouts to maintain control at speed and ease. They prepare their body to function accordingly.

Sprinting is mainly a track and field doing. It is a tremendous exercise to build stamina, speed and strength. It involves magnificent volatile movements. There are various benefits of sprinting that aids the body to stay healthy.


  1. Sprinting not only includes thigh muscle but many more from entire body which leads to their quick movements. These muscle movements allow blood to flow all over the body. Risk of heart diseases are reduced by the overall circulation of blood in body.
  2. Speedy motion helps in burning calories in short time and provide complete muscle training.
  3. Boosts the metabolism as the muscles continue to burn calories even after the workout.
  4. A cardiovascular exercise that lowers the blood pressure.
  5. Promotes easy weight loss.

Why Does A Person Sprint For This Long?

A normal person’s body is maintained in such manner so that it can perform fundamental physical activities. Running for 8-9 seconds with full pace without losing breath could be expected from a particular age group. Below or more than this age group may observe growing or deteriorating slope of changes. It requires hard and fast movements of multiple muscles at the same time. A normal human body could not sustain mighty muscle movements for long. This happens because maintaining that much potential energy in the body for long duration of time is impossible. An anaerobic running consumes more oxygen than it can take in while performing.

Moreover, one can restore the energy by consuming some energy drink or food, removing socks and shoes to allow proper breathing, etc. But it would ultimately mean slowing down the speed or taking a break, regardless of what sprinting is.

Sprinting for longer duration requires high workout and time. Basically, a heavy workout with nutritious food needs to be continued. In addition to heavy workouts, wind direction, temperature, shoes, track are some other factors that play a paramount character.

Diet is another very crucial factor in any physical activity. In sprinting, having carbs and proteins in the diet help to gain muscle. However, sustaining on no carb training trains the body to get habitual to even run with less energy. Running with the act of utilizing fewer energy powers to run longer.


To become faster one should know what to eat, when to eat and in what quantity to eat. Salubrious diet includes carbs, proteins, vitamins, minerals like eggs, meat, fish, dairy products. Sprinters should avoid eating things like cookies, cakes, crackers, white and brown bread. Along with several other key determinants genetic also holds a majesty part.


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