How Long After A Tattoo Can You Shower (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 24 hours

Many people get worried that the tattoo would get washed away after having a bath. There is no such problem with having a shower after the tattoo is done. There are some precautions that the person has to take before having the shower.

The tattoo artist would suggest to the person about all the do and don’t after having the tattoo. The tattoo artist uses a covering on the tattoo. If the covering is done by a bandage or plastic wrapper then the waiting time would be around 24 hours or less.

The location of the tattoo is another issue and would affect when the person is allowed for a shower.

How Long After A Tattoo Can You Shower


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How Long After A Tattoo Can You Shower?

Showering After A TattooHow Long After A Tattoo Can You Shower
Minimum time1 hour
Maximum time24 hours

The tattoo covering material would affect the time of showering after a tattoo. Some tattoo artists use waterproof covering. People with a waterproof covering on the tattoo can have a shower any time after checking up with the artist.

People whose tattoo covering is not waterproof would not be allowed to take a shower instantly. Sometimes, the tattoo may get slightly wet while having a bath or shower. This is not an issue, but if the tattoo is submerged in water, then it may be a problem.

Everyone should not have a long time shower after having a new tattoo. The person should avoid irritation or touching the tattoo several times while having a shower. People should not use a loofah while having a shower after having a tattoo.

Washcloth or loofah could irritate the tattoo area. Rubbing is not recommended to do on the tattoo site during shower time. Using hard sponges, or washcloths may bring the bacteria closer to the tattoo.

Everyone should use a fragrance-free soap to wash the tattoo site. Anybody using the body washes with alcohol content should avoid it while having a shower. Chemical and alcohol content in the shower products are not safe for freshly-inked tattoos.

These products would slow down the recovery process of the inked tattoo. Don’t spray any forceful water spray on the tattoo area. The water pressure should be slow and comfortable for the tattoo.

Why Can You Shower This Long After A Tattoo?

Having a shower after getting a tattoo is not a problem if you use gentle products. Hygiene is required to be maintained to not cause any trouble to the tattoo. Everyone can use clean and hygienic hands to rinse the tattoo.

Using any unhygienic products on the tattoo would not allow the tattoo to heal on time. The person is not allowed to swim within 2 weeks of getting the newly inked tattoo. Having a bath in bathtubs is also restricted for a newly-inked tattoo.

Taking shower for a short time is only allowed if the tattoo is having a waterproof covering. The tattoo artist would let you know about any specific guidelines to be followed by the person. The tattoo site is similar to an open wound.

A few weeks and days after getting the tattoo is very crucial. Everyone should allow the wounded area to rest without any huge water pressure on it. Submerging the tattoo completely in the water would host many bacterial infections in the tattoo site.

The person has to avoid sitting in the bathtubs for around 2 weeks or as suggested by the tattoo expert. Some tattoo experts or artists suggest not submerging the tattoo until the tattoo is properly healed.

The time of healing would not be the same for people with different sizes of tattoos at different locations.


Taking shower for a few minutes would be allowed for people with a waterproof covering, but there may be some precautions to be followed. The waiting time to get a shower after a newly inked tattoo would be decided by the tattoo artist, as they know the type of ink used in the tattoo.

Sometimes, the tattoo would start bleeding. In such a situation, the person should talk to a professional or expert.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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