How Long Does It Take For A Tattoo To Heal (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take For A Tattoo To Heal (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 weeks – 6 months

Youngsters in today’s generation love to have a tattoo on their arms or neck. Tattoo making is an art, and worldwide, artists have opened their tattoo shops which run well. There are varieties of tattoos one can have on their body.

Many prefer religious symbols as tattoos, many ink their arms with slogans or phrases in their native languages, and many create images of random dragons, cobra, etc. However, some people have tattooed not one or two parts of the body, but their entire body is inked with it.

Tattoo making also possesses some drawbacks related to health, but those are mostly minute. Still, a person who receives a tattoo must take care of their skin.

The tattoo requires some time to heal, and during that time, a person must look after it with proper care. It has become a culture in many countries, and apart from youngsters, tribal people mostly use it to mark their tribe.

How Long Does It Take For A Tattoo To Heal

How Long Does It Take For A Tattoo To Heal?

Condition Time
External skin layers2 weeks
Complete healing process6 months

Usually, 2-4 weeks is the standard time frame for a tattoo to get healed completely. However, the time varies. In many cases, the tattoo may not recover for nearly six weeks or even a month.

The outer layer of skin may feel healed after 2-3 weeks; the inner layer takes more time. Tattoos having large surface areas take more time to heal if not correctly taken care of. Moisturizing or using SPF might help to fasten the process. Still, it’s recommended to ask the tattoo artist about the aftercare.

The healing process takes place slowly in stages. After you do a tattoo, it gets bandaged for some time when it is kept open. The skin area is now an open wound and will behave like one.

Dull pain, burning sensation, or inflammation may occur, but nothing to worry about. Just follow the aftercare process. After this stage, the tattoo may feel like coming out, but it’s not the thing to panic.


Apply proper moisturization properly. Avoid scratching during this stage or any injury. Rest the tattoo ink will remain intact.

It might also feel itchy so ask the tattoo artist or any doctor for the solution to this. Gradually the itchiness, pain, or inflammation will get reduced with time, and that’s a sign that the tattoo is drying up.

Avoid scratching the portion even if it gets highly itchy; keep it simple and let it dry up. If the redness remains for long, consult a doctor and check for an infection.

Why Does It Take So Long For A Tattoo To Heal?

The healing process highly depends on the location of the tattoo on an individual’s body. A stable skin that doesn’t undergo much movement heals faster than those that move all the time.

It happens because the skin stretches around regions of joints, and it disturbs the pattern of the tattoo and skin underneath. Apart from this, body type, skin type, and personal working conditions also matter. A work including more wear and tear may affect the skin around the tattoo if it comes in contact with something frequently.

The time interval of 2-4 weeks is an average of the time required for the healing process. But it may exceed the time limit further to more days depending upon the factors mentioned above.


Maintenance of the tattoo decides the healing process up to some extent. Keep it clean, apply sunscreen and moisturizer for better care. The skin will slowly peel off after few weeks, and the tattoo will shine bright.

Even the tattoos having more color compositions may take a little extra time to get healed. These factors are necessary to be kept in mind after you receive a tattoo work on your body.


The tattoo culture has gained wide attention from the young generation, and they call it ‘cool’ to have a tattoo. But the aftercare is necessary for having a healthy tattoo. Any minor mistake or negligence could welcome unwanted issues.

Take consultations from a skin doctor about the process. If you don’t want any such issues or are having a tattoo for the first time, show off with your new tattoo. The process is a bit painful, but it will deliver you the most delicate piece of art attached to your body.


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