How Long To Use Aquaphor After Tattoo (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Three Days

Aquaphor is a healing ointment that is used to soothe irritated or affected regions of the skin. Since after getting a tattoo, the skin tissue generally becomes hypersensitive, doctors prescribe this smoothing cream to keep the skin supple and moist.

Tattoos are more fashionable in this era. Tattoos will be utterly lovely. However, they will additionally hold most regret. The tattoo artists’ experience also comes in handy as to how beautiful the tattoo will be. An experienced artist will poke deep enough to ensure that the tattoo is beautiful and lasts for a long while. This trend appears to be trapped in the western countries of the world, where tattoos are more popular before than in the present day.

How Long To Use Aquaphor After Tattoo

How Long to Use Aquaphor After Tattoo?

There are numerous reasons for getting tattoos. Almost all people agreed that a man with a tattoo on the body looked more dominant and aggressive. As tattoos became a lot of common and accepted in society, that acceptance has trickled into space. Tattoos are always seen as an expression of one’s uniqueness. There are also some different negative influences of tattooing, such as when you get a tattoo after Aquaphor, the tattoo probably becomes extremely sensitive and could get infected.

Tattoos have become a pretty popular trend among people. It is a temporary or permanent marking of ink made on the skin with the help of needles. These markings may vary from words to designs, whatever you want. In this ongoing trend, tattoos have gained more popularity, and most people choose to have tattoos, as they’re vibrant and attractive. The only difference between permanent and temporary tattoos is that the ink in a permanent tattoo is injected into the skin, making it beautiful and deeper.

EventsInformation Regarding The Event
Time Taken To Get A TattooHalf an hour
Time After Tattoo To Use AquaphorThree days

Most people love to get tattoos on their bodies. It takes around half an hour to get a tattoo, but the time taken for a tattoo to heal is very long. A person who gets a tattoo must not apply Aquaphor for at least three days in the area where the tattoo was made.

Why Does It Take That Long To Use Aquaphor After Tattoo?

Aquaphor is a very popular ointment. The lower limit is for patients experiencing a speedy recovery and feels that the ointment is no longer needed to heal the affected areas. The five-day limit is applicable for those who feel the area still needs some artificial support to heal and return to normal. The frequency of the ointment’s application on any given day can vary according to the specific skin requirements of the patient in question.

It is advised to wait for that long after a tattoo to use Aquaphor because if it is used immediately, it will cause itching and other irritating effects on the area where the tattoo was made. Multiple health issues can arise by getting a tattoo immediately before the use of Aquaphor. The extensive selection of pigments presently employed in tattoo inks could produce unforeseen health issues.


If your skin is thinner than they realize, they’ll accidentally set their needles too deep, and your skin can get chewed up, resulting in pain. Your tattoo will switch out poorly. The healing method is very much unpleasant, and it always leads to blood poisoning. And on the other perspective, if an artist sets the needle at a shallow depth appropriate to your thinner skin, the ink particles will be too shallow. They won’t be deposited in the right spot once your skin thickens back up, leaving the tattoo with another poor result.


Overall, it can be concluded that choosing an appropriate and simple design, keeping your tattoo area clean, and avoiding using abrasive soaps will always help your tattoo to look beautiful and last longer. While getting a tattoo, ask your tattoo artist as well. They’re professionals in this field, so they’ll be able to suggest you better.

On average, it is advised to use Aquaphor after three days of applying a tattoo. If Aquaphor is applied immediately, then the recovery time can get longer, and the person might feel a lot of pain in the area where the tattoo was made. In case of any medical emergency, medical guidance should be sought.


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