How Long After Running Should You Eat (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 30 to 60 minutes

Normally, before we have our respective food we go for a walk or a jog. People prefer to run before having their lunch or evening snacks but going for a run is a matter of choice for a person. All this walking, running, and jogging make the process of our metabolism even better. As researched, it is found in many of them that after the age of 30 it becomes difficult to hold up that previous digestive system. This is because after the 30s starts degrading slowly just like a slow poison showing its effects. 

But the age limit never remains static for all as it changes with time to time and person to person and sometimes in some cases the place of residence matters. But an average number of people come across this issue. 

How Long After Running Should You Eat

How Long After Running Should You Eat? 

In cases of joggingAfter 30
Minutes In cases of runningAfter 60 Minutes

Since we all have a morning or evening jog the question that arises here is what should be the estimated amount of time after which we can have our food after a long jogging session. This is because it is not possible to wait for long hours to have our food post jogging.

Some snacks or something must be fed to us abiding by a healthy conscience. We also know that we can’t also start eating just immediately after coming back from jogging. So the question is if not then, then when? So primarily the thing is what type of food we are going to consume after that jogging or running session. We can’t wait for long to have our food, so it is important what type of food we are going to eat. If the food is like a lunch meal then on a serious note, it is proven injurious to our health in the long term. But if we limit our food to only one or two food items then we can easily afford it without risking our health.

After that, we should also acknowledge that the food item which we are going to consume is healthy to be consumed or not. This is because the more healthy the food is, the less time it will take to consume it, based on the amount we are going to consume. The less the amount would be, the less time it would take to have it after our running session. And all these sum up and we can have our food at least after 30 minutes of our running session. 

Why Should You Eat So Long After Running?

So before proceeding further into this acclaimed topic, a thing must be made clear that all the statements made or facts and figures given are only based upon some thorough research about the topic including mere assumptions. So now as already, we have answered how long it should take to have our food after the running session. But now after this, another will get raised over your mind: why should it take this long to have our food after a vigorous running session. As it needs valid reasons to justify why it takes this long. So let’s go through the seasons ahead. 

So it takes at least 30 to 60 minutes to have our food after running. This is due to the food aspects as stated before. But it is also equally important to eat our food after this amount of time because our body is just built that way. It can’t even intake water after such vigorous running sessions, so eating food right after that is a faraway subject to be treated.

As said, it is much necessary to get our body cool down through its natural cooling process by sitting under a fan. This helps our body adjust the temperature after jogging. Due to this, it is quite advisable to eat some light snacks after running as it helps in preventing nausea. It is also suggested to have some light snacks before running too which would help in keeping the body quite active during the session. Foods like cereals, sandwiches, or nuts can be consumed for this purpose. 


So, from the above, it must have been clear that it’s quite difficult to stabilize our food habits with regular exercise in this modern world. But it can be made possible if we make fitness our daily mantra. The time would vary according to the preferences of the people as many things vary among them. But the timings must be kept intact whatever the routine may be. 

And it’s always better to have a piece of knowledge upon these things about what time a body should be made to wait to get fed later. But to maintain a sound mind and body proper exercise and food habits must be kept intact.


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