How Long After AKA Background Check (And Why)?

How Long After AKA Background Check (And Why)?

Exact Answer: One To Two Weeks

AKA is a short form used for the first intercollegiate African American Sorority. The term is the abbreviation of Alpha Kappa Alpha. The organization is based on five basic tenets and was founded on the 15th of January 1908 at the black Howard University situated in Washington D.C. Sixteen students founded it. Ethel Hedgeman Lyle led the group.

It is a social organization and has an international scope. The motto of the organization is By Merit and By Culture. The colors used to indicate to the organization are Salmon Pink and Apple Green. The symbol used by the people working here is Ivy Leaf, and the flower worshipped is Pink Tea Rose.

How Long After AKA Background Check

How Long After AKA Background Check?

The headquarters of the AKA organization is situated in Chicago, US. The five basic tenets of the organization are that first, it is crucial to encourage and cultivate high ethical and educational standards. The second tenet teaches us to promote friendship and unity among college women. The third tenet is based on alleviating and educating girls and making them independent to improve their social stature. The fourth tenet is based on keeping the interests in the college in all the fields. The final tenet describes that every person should try to become a good person and provide service to all humanity.

The organization is one of the most significant Greek-letter committees, with many educated women from different backgrounds. The AKA organization serves more than three lakh women in around thousand chapters of the organization situated in several parts of the United States and other countries. Women are allowed to join the organization by the chapters that are run in their colleges at the undergraduate level. However, they can also join a graduate chapter once they have a graduation degree from the college.

EventsTime Taken For The Event
MIP process after AKATwo weeks
Background check after AKAOne to two weeks

After a woman has applied to be an AKA member, several processes are needed to be completed. The MIP process takes two weeks. In contrast, a background check is completed within one to two weeks after application.

Why Does It Take That Long After AKA For Background Check?

Since its inception, Alpha Kappa Alpha has been working in uplifting the standards of women in society. It has also helped improve females’ economic and social status in various communities where there are not given much importance. They have participated in multiple rights movements, however, without any violence. Not only this, but they have also opened health clinics for patients. Their contributions are also highly rated in building orphanages for orphan children and nursing homes for aged people who don’t have a place to live.

The organization was established in the first half of 1908 in the spring season. At the time of its establishment, only a few supporters were there, but slowly the organization started getting more and more members. As the organization’s popularity started increasing, it gained more and more funds from people all around the globe. Many other NGOs working for the development of the women section also came up and supported the AKA organization completely. Currently, it has its roots in all the major countries and supports women in every aspect.

It takes that long for the background check because the organization wants to confirm that all the details provided by the applicant are legal and there are no criminal charges on the person. It is also crucial to ensure that there is no incorrect information in the application.


Overall, it can be concluded that AKA stands for Alpha Kappa Alpha. It is an organization established in 1908 and worked on the upliftment of the status of women in society. After its introduction, it has been working for the benefit of society and also helped people economically.

On average, it takes one to two weeks for the background check to be completed after applying in AKA. Apart from the efforts put in to improve the status of women, AKA has also worked in building orphans and nursing homes for the concerned people. It has more than three lakhs members at present, and its chapters are situated in all the major countries.


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