How Long To Wait BJJ After Tattoo (And Why)?

How Long To Wait BJJ After Tattoo (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Two To Three Weeks

BJJ stands for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a combat sport and martial art based on submission holds and ground fighting. Many other popular terms are used to refer to BJJ, such as Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Grappling. The sport is named after the country in which it originated that is Brazil.

Teaching Jiu-Jitsu to a person makes them learn the skill to pin down an opponent to the ground and control an opponent. It allows a person to get into dominant positions from where they can control the opponent. Submission and chokeholds are also popularly taught in the sport. The tricks learned can also be used for self-defense.

How Long To Wait BJJ After Tattoo

How Long To Wait BJJ After Tattoo?

Four Brazilian brothers are credited for introducing BJJ in the modern world. They invented the techniques of BJJ in 1920. Apart from the four brothers, another person named Helio Gracie was also responsible for teaching the skills. But soon, a dispute arose between Gracie and the four brothers; thus, Gracie named the sport Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. The initial practices of the sport were limited, and only a few moves were included in the sport. However, as modern innovations started and new techniques and fighting tricks were invented, many new moves were added to the BJJ.

The basic concept behind introducing BJJ was that a weak person shouldn’t be afraid of someone larger in size and is more muscular. A weak person must be able to defend themselves if the need arises. Many moves in the BJJ don’t require any specific powers and can quickly be executed if the person has the right skills. However, it is not easy to master the moves and requires years and years of practice. Practicing the techniques makes a person physically and mentally stronger and helps improve the personality of the person.

EventInformation About The Event
Time to get a tattooFive to six hours
Time after tattoo for BJJTwo to three weeks

Most people love to get tattoos on their bodies. It takes five to six hours to get a tattoo, but the time taken for a tattoo to heal is very long. A person who gets a tattoo must not practice BJJ for two to three weeks after getting the tattoo.

Why Does It Take That Long After Tattoo For BJJ?

BJJ is a sport that focuses on fighting bare-handed and doesn’t use any weapon. Its technique implies that a person is enough to beat anyone and doesn’t require support from any other object. If a person masters all the tricks of BJJ< he or she can easily fight with three to four persons simultaneously. Many women enroll in BJJ classes to get themselves trained as the crime rate increases very much, and women are not safe in some countries. Learning BJJ takes time, and a person must be patient while learning it.

It is advised not to practice BJJ after getting a tattoo because after getting a tattoo, the muscles stretch a lot, and bruises are very common in the areas where tattoos were made. If a person starts practicing BJJ moves, it can lead to sweating, removing the tattoo’s ink. Also, if the person gets hurt in the area where the tattoo was made, the healing process might get interrupted, and the recovery time might become longer.


The moves used in BJJ are very tough, but if a person masters them, they can’t be defeated in a physical fight. However, some people use BJJ tricks to harm innocent people and sometimes to kill someone. This type of behavior is disgraceful, and a person should never misuse the powers that they have.


Finally, it can be concluded that BJJ is the short form of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and it is a type of combat sport that makes a person defend himself in various situations. The primary motive behind introducing BJJ was that people could fight their opponents without support, and no one can threaten a weak person.

On average, a person must wait for two to three weeks after getting a tattoo to start practicing BJJ techniques. If practice is started immediately, then the recovery time can get longer, and the person might feel a lot of pain in the area where the tattoo was made.


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