How Long After Alcohol Can I Take Antibiotics (And Why)?

How Long After Alcohol Can I Take Antibiotics (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After about 72 hours

For our body, alcohol is never been an amazing option. Taking alcohol regularly is not less than poison for health. Taking alcohol while taking medication is a dangerous combination that must be avoided. If a person is sick, he or she needs some healthy thing that can help to recover his /her body from illness. Taking alcohol regularly could be one of the causes of disease.

It affects multiple organs and then it becomes impossible to get a healthy life back. So for both medication and alcohol one should consult a health worker or physician. Let’s see what will be the side effects and why they should be taken into consideration.

How Long After Alcohol Can I Take Antibiotics

How Long After Alcohol Can I Take Antibiotics?

Minimum72 hours
Maximum96 hours

Taking antibiotics with alcohol can be the deadliest combination. Alcohol may not lower the power of prescribed antibiotics, but it can show various other side effects that can lead to other serious illnesses. If someone asks how alcohol affects the intake of antibiotics, there are various ongoing studies for a proper explanation. Still one of the most important causes is its dangerous side effects.

And it solely depends on what type of drug is being taken for medication and what type of relationship it has with alcohol. Maybe there will be some drugs that have no relationship with alcohol intake, but there are some specific drugs that are strictly irresistible to alcohol. Some drugs that have serious side effects while taken along with alcohol are Doxycycline, Metronidazole, Cefotetan, Erythromycin, Isoniazid, Griseofulvin, Linezolid, cefoperazone.


These are the drugs which is strictly forbidden while taking alcohol. They cause side effects like nausea, vomiting, high fever, tachycardia (faster heartbeat than usual), sometimes it also shows symptoms of bradycardia (slower heartbeat than normal). Severe headache, uneasiness. To overcome this the preventive measure is to write information about the side effects caused by alcohol on the medicine strip only.

So that every individual can get the idea about it easily. The most reliable option is to ask any health care physician for expert advice. But it’s always good to forbid alcohol for few days while going through medication. It is the most basic thing one can follow for his own health benefits. Minimum 72 hrs you can wait to take alcohol after medication so that the power of medicine will work on the body.

Why Should I Wait So Long To Take Antibiotics After Alcohol?

Why you should avoid taking medication while taking alcohol? This is one of the most asked questions to a physician. Well to this question, the most appropriate answer will be to simply avoid any dangerous circumstances that will arise due to its side effects. While taking medication, the medicine needs some time to work on your body and antibodies responsible for building body strength.

If you take any type of alcohol, it will react with the chemical composition of medicine or antibiotics and show its side effects. Many times these side effects could be the reason for death also. Alcohol can cause a pause in your body from taking vital nutrients. Taking alcohol can disrupt sleep and increase blood sugar levels which will interfere in body healing.


All these above factors play a vital role in causing trouble in the healing process. An infection can not be healed by all of the above factors. For example, Isoniazid and Linozolid can cause severe liver infection and constant high arterial blood pressure if taken along with alcohol, which is fatal for patients. General side effects like upset stomach, diarrhea, severe headache, migraine, loss of appetite, racing heart rate may cause uneasiness in patients.

The best way is to consult and take advice from doctors before taking any medication. Follow the chart of diet given by the doctor and a little avoidance of alcohol during illness will lead to faster and better recovery.


The summary of the above discussion is very simple. Just avoid drinking alcohol during medication and at least wait for 72 hrs after taking antibiotics to avoid any uneasy circumstances. Taking a moderate amount of alcohol after 72 hrs of taking antibiotics is not that injurious. Still, you need to ask your doctor about this. Cause a doctor knows what is best for you. So it’s wise to rely on your doctor and obeying his advice regarding your health.

Listening to your physician’s advice can avoid the interaction between alcohol and antibiotics. Taking proper rest and eating a healthy diet will help you to recover more faster than taking alcohol and inviting another disease.



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