How Long After Taking Antibiotics Can I Exercise (And Why)?

Exact Answer- 7 days (Approx)

The meaning of the word exercise differs from person to person. There are roughly two categories of people when it comes to describing exercise. One who makes all the jokes when it comes to skipping a workout day and another, who loves to workout.

Exercising is a great way to keep your body in shape and good health but when it comes to exercising after taking antibiotics or during an antibiotic course it can be a little problematic for the body at times.

How Long After Taking Antibiotics Can I

How Long Does It Take to Exercise After Taking Antibiotics?

Naturally, it is suggested to give your body a rest of about a week before starting to work out if you are someone who is into high-intensity workouts. Gradually reintroducing the body to the same old routine can be very helpful when the situation arises.

If you are taking light doses of antibiotics then you can carry on with your workouts but reducing the intensity up to 25% can be very beneficial for your body. Also, replacing the workout with walking or light jogging is effective too.

Some antibiotics don’t interfere with your health meaning you can exercise while having them but some powerful ones can restrict your workouts.

If you are taking antibiotics such as Floxin, Avelox, factive, or Cipro it is best advised to not engage in high-intensity workouts for six months as these antibiotics will put a lot of strain on your body which can lead to several injuries and some might be fatal. Also consulting your doctor is the best way to go when it comes to the situation.

Type of antibioticTime of Exercise
ClindamycinYou can exercise after 2-3 hours
OfloxacinDon’t exercise before getting permission from your doctor
ACE InhibitorsExercise can be resumed after a month

Why Does It Take That Long To Exercise After Taking Antibiotics?

Although it differs from patient to patient and prescription to prescription, there are some common reasons which show that exercises should be held off for some time after taking antibiotics.

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The antibiotics should be given ample time to work

Antibiotics are prescribed when your body feels to naturally provide immunity against infection or disease. Therefore if you are following an antibiotic course then you should give your body some rest and all the proper nutrients so that it can become stronger and energetic again.

  • Sudden Temperature fall or rise can affect the body

If you have a fever and are following the prescription of antibiotics assigned, then doing a high-intensity workout can be very unsafe for your body. This is because when you are suffering from fever your body automatically tends to reduce the amount of blood flow to the limbs and increase it towards the site of infection. This in turn increases dehydration and puts your body in a position of developing a heart issue.

  • Working out in public might take a wrong turn

If you are already sick and are taking an antibiotic course then you should be staying at home. This is because if you go and work out in a public area, say a gym then you are prone to infect someone else who comes in contact with you as well. So it is better to take care of yourself as well as the people around you.

  • The body needs some rest

During any antibiotic or medicine course, your body tends to be a little tired at all times due to all the powerful doses of medicine. Therefore if you are completing a course of antibiotics or have just finished one then it is advised to give your body the rest of at least one week to get back into its normal form.

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If not a high-intensity workout, you can also try some yoga to keep your body moving while you are under an antibiotic course. All the symptoms and precautions while taking an antibiotic differ from person to person. But some points, in general, can be followed by everyone. It is best advised to consult your doctor before taking any measure to know what is best for your body. Some self-care may help too.



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