How Long After AOS Interview Green Card (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Within Thirty Days

AOS stands for adjustment of status, and this status is given under the INA or the United States Immigration and Nationality Act. This status is given to those candidates who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States. This allows the person to become a permanent resident of the nation and avail of all the subsequent benefits.



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This status was put in place for either a refugee or an asylum seeker and want to have all the benefits that the nation’s citizens availed. Parolee, conditional entrant, or nonpermanent residents are also allowed to take benefits with the help of this status.

How Long After AOS Interview Green Card

How Long After AOS Interview Green Card?

Unlike all other applicants, candidates admitted to the country as resettled refugees do not require to file a green card to adjust their status. USICS, which stands for the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services, regulates such cases and prepares their applications regularly. These applicants are given the status after one to two years from making a lawful entry in the United States.

In all the other applications, the applicants must apply for a reasonable adjustment of status or opt for removal in time. They should wait for approval, which generally takes anywhere between one year to a few years. However, suppose a person is applying for permanent residency under the act. It must be ensured that that applicant doesn’t fall under the removable category in the citizenship list present at the government officials. Some additional benefits are given to citizens who have been serving the nation in civil services for some time.

Type Of ApplicationTime After AOS Application For Interview
Standard applicationsWithin 120 days
Premium applications such as Green CardsWithin 30 days

It takes time after an AOS application to interview the applicant. Interviews are not conducted in some cases but are considered a good option in most of them. In the case of standard applications, the interviews are conducted after around one hundred and twenty days. In contrast, applicants with green cards are interviewed faster within thirty days.

Why Does It Take That Long After AOS To Interview Green Card?

The candidates applying for adjustment of status are preferred according to their contribution to the development of the United States. Servants who were once medically treated for an injury caused on their duty are given more preference, given they submit the required medical documents related to the injury. Applicants also need to attach the income proof in the application. Low-income families or families who are financially unstable are given more attention as they are in more significant need of the country’s benefits.

There are multiple pages in the application form that is needed to be filled. The documents require information related to the name, sex, age, and address of the applicant. Information about the parents is also required to be filled in, and the applicant must also clarify whether they own any property or not. Spaces for filling in the details of the spouse and children are also available. It is crucial to fill in all the correct information in the application as they are cross verified by the government officials. Any incorrect data can lead to the rejection of the application at once.

It takes that long after AOS to interview green card because the government officials want to ensure that the applicant is an authorized person and all the information’s filled in the application is correct. Sometimes the interviews are conducted because the officials want to confirm the applicant’s identity and want to inquire about them to be more confident of the applicant’s claim in the application.


Finally, it can be concluded that AOS is a shorthand used for the adjustment of status. This benefit is given to the non-permanent residents of the United States under a specific act. The act was introduced so that the people can avail of primary benefits provided by the government and can lead a healthier and more secure life.

On average, it takes around thirty days after the AOS application to interview a green card. However, regular applications take more time, and interviews of such applicants are conducted one hundred and twenty days post-application. It is imperative to fill the application correctly as the government personnel verifies them before conducting the interview.


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