How Long To Wait After AOS Interview (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After about 120 days

AOS interview stands for the interview which is done for adjustment of residence status of an individual. It is mainly useful for individuals seeking residence in the United States of America. This interview is conducted by the head body known as USCIS. It is conducted at any branch office of USCIS if the applicant is from the US. It is conducted at any embassy or consulate if the applicant is not from the US. The interview isn’t tough. It is just to verify the information provided in the application form with the help of documents.

However, the person taking the interview would even question the person about the changes, if any, which would have occurred in the details provided in the application form. The updated application form is submitted to the head body, who scrutinizes the documents and contacts the person for further details.

How Long To Wait After AOS Interview

How Long To Wait After AOS Interview?

Minimum time90 days
Maximum time120 days

On successful completion of the interview, the person would be allocated a green card, which means, he would be eligible for becoming a permanent resident of the US. The interview is the final step to getting a green card. It is mainly scheduled 30 days after filling up the application form. The first step is to fill the application form with honesty and diligence.

The application form would be reviewed by the USCIS department and after successful reviewing, it would be sent to the NBC who would schedule the interview at a formal place closest to the applicant. Then the details of the person would be provided to the concerned officer who would interview the person. If the person has applied for permanent memberships for his family members too, then it is the foremost trial of the NBC to schedule the interview of all the members at the same time. However, children below 14 years of age would have a waiver.

During the interview, the person’s existing details would be asked and the application form would be verified. After this, the person would be asked to submit if there had been any changes in the details provided in the application form. The workspace, experience, educational qualifications, marital status, permanent address, and other such details of the person would be assessed. However, the individual would receive a notice before the scheduling of the interview.

AOS Interview

The notice would contain an appropriate detail of the documents the person is needed to get along with him to the place of interview. Sometimes, the interviews may be delayed owing to the huge number of applications. The medical examinations determining the underlying health issues of the individual would even be assessed. After the successful completion of the interview, the individual would be informed by the USCIS department regarding the further details within 30-45 days.

Why Should One Wait So Long After AOS Interview?

One should not worry if their application has been scrutinized for the interview and he/she has been called for an interview. The interview is a basic process and one can go through it easily. Interviews are the common steps that would confirm the USCIS of the credibility of the information provided by the doctor. In some cases, the interview is skipped. If the employer would be a petitioner, then the interview is not mandatory.

On receiving the call for an interview, one should not panic and take stress regarding the issue. Just be patient and carry all those documents as you had been instructed by the notice of the USCIS department. With the unavailability of the right documents, it would be tough on the part of USCIS to make a clear decision on the same day. As a result of this, the meeting would be postponed to a further date. One should also remember to carry the original documents along with them.

Copies can’t be taken as proof. The original documents are mandatory and hence should be taken without negligence. The case would not be approved on the same day without the original documents. It is very essential to carry documents that would support the changes you state in the office. If you have no documents to prove your changes as legitimate, then the changes would be taken as null. However, it is advised to hire someone who would assist you in the interview as an interpreter. Without an interpreter, you would face difficulties interpreting the questions of the interview.

AOS Interview

The USCIS department receives thousands of applications each year. The reviewing of the applications even takes a sufficient amount of time. This is why sometimes the application may have to wait longer to get approval. However, if one has the appropriate documentation and all other things ready, then one should not worry and just wait for the interview call.


Apart from all other documents, the documents regarding knowledge of foreign languages are also important for the individual. You should listen to the talks and questions of the interview board with concentration. Answering them with honesty and proper knowledge would assist the individual in getting through the interview soon. One should not display their overconfident qualities and should not talk much. The discussion should be kept as formal as possible.

One should try to create any kind of false impressions in the minds of the interview board. Accept the truth and handle the interview with patience. It would be wise to be calm and act wisely.


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